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4 New Farmhouse Scents To Summer-ize Your Home

Hey there ya'll! I know it's been a minute since my last post; but, it's been super crazy trying to get all of our new items out, purging our old, and just plain keeping up with social requirements.  Recently, on Instagram, I've been sharing some of our newest candles that were completely inspired by the over exaggerated farmhouse experience of Beverly Hillbillies. If you've followed me over there on our Instagram account, you know that I love farmhouse decor (along with some other decor style elements), but you also probably know that the products in our family shop reflect more of a pun on anything serious. So this product line is no exception.  When you say the names of these...

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This Week's Popular Pick - Float on This!

Each time we create a candle, we try to create something really special that onlookers will completely fall in love with. This Vanilla Cola Float candle has yet to fail, with 60% of our online shop visitors giving it a thumbs up. One of the reasons this is one of our most popular candles with our customers is not so much that it looks and smells like that great combo of rich, creamy vanilla and bubbly cola, but it burns strong and oh so long! Seriously, this 22 ounce cup of yum burns over 320 hours. This has been our most popular pick this week while it continues to rank as one of our best sellers in the shop. Many buyers have used these...

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Who Has Banana Fever?

Perfumists and fragrance experts, and even your average scent lover, man and woman alike,  love wearing lighter scents during spring and through the summer season. So those of us who are in the fragrance business, aim to bring out a wide array of perfumes and fragrances with lighter scents – much lighter than the ones you love wearing during the cold winter season. There are such a wide variety of light scents for you to choose from during the warm seasons, but banana happens to be one of the top choices. The Unique Scent of Banana I don’t know about you, but I surely think of the tropics when referring to banana. Since, bananas grow in great abundance in many...

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