Who Has Banana Fever?

Who Has Banana Fever?

Perfumists and fragrance experts, and even your average scent lover, man and woman alike,  love wearing lighter scents during spring and through the summer season. So those of us who are in the fragrance business, aim to bring out a wide array of perfumes and fragrances with lighter scents – much lighter than the ones you love wearing during the cold winter season. There are such a wide variety of light scents for you to choose from during the warm seasons, but banana happens to be one of the top choices.

The Unique Scent of Banana

I don’t know about you, but I surely think of the tropics when referring to banana. Since, bananas grow in great abundance in many warm countries, like Latin America, the Caribbean, the Pacific, and so on, banana reminds me of the tropics. I associate bananas with papayas, guavas, passion fruit, peaches, just to name a few yummy fruits. The scent of banana is a wonderful blending scent, giving a unique and distinct depth to other fruity, and citrusy fragrances.

Why wait to start enjoying the enticing scent of banana when you can begin enjoying it right after the winter season. Banana scents can usually be found in many different forms: perfumes, lotions, body sprays, candles and so much more. Its uniqueness is simply loved by many because of the light, airy scent that simply take one’s senses to the heavenly islands of the tropics.

Banana Scent During Springtime: Is It Possible?

We’ve been up to no good with our bananas. We have them in the most wonderful banana nut bread loaf candle that smells like banana bread sprinkled with walnuts is baking in the oven. Our well loved banana pudding candle is smooth, creamy, and layered with vanilla wafers. And, just recently, one of my girls created the most delicious banana smoothie candle that I fell in love with. Not to be the doting mom or anything, but isn’t that one yummy looking candle?


Banana Smoothie Candle


Bottled banana scent is definitely a great  way to lighten up your scent for the warmer weather. Fragrantica has a nice Banana Flambee perfume. There’s also a wonderful, light banana body lotion made by Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics that is out of this world.



Why is it Great to Make Banana Statement During the Springtime?

After the long cold months of winter, it is more likely that you have had an overdose of heavy-smelling fragrances during this period. Well, springtime is the best time to shift from heavy to lighter fragrances. And, I’m not sure if you knew, but banana scent is often touted as one of the most alluring fragrances during the spring season.

The use of banana-inspired fragrances are great to wear every day while the essential oil usually comes with a strong single note of fresh and ripened banana. It is great to use by itself or when you want to be more creative in terms of mixing different types of fragrances.  


Did You Know This About Bananas?

Did You Know?

Bananas are a type of fruit which is known as “nature’s good mood food?” It helps the body produce serotonin which keeps a person’s moods happy and light. Thus, banana fragrances on your body or at home can simply boost everyone’s happy moods.  

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