Owner, Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats

Hi there! I'm Dawn of Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats, and I'm glad that you stopped by to take a look around our shop! If you've already started to browse around, you've already seen some of the cake candles, pie candles, gourmet jar candles, and fake desserts that we make in our shop. We craft all of these items by hand for your enjoyment.


So, you may be wondering what's makes our  candle bakery (or Fakery as we call it) different from so many other candle vendors out there. Okay, good question, so here it is.

We are a home fragrance provider that desires to bring you beautiful pieces that bring life to the rooms in your home. From realistic cakes that help to create Mr. Fezziwig's Christmas party (A Christmas Carol) to the popcorn kernels and gumdrops to add that special touch to your idea for a perfect movie themed room, we're here to bring you realistic fake desserts and confections that bring your concept to life!

I like to call it a bit of Fakery Magic. Everything we design is done with real food in mind. We take a concept, wiggle a few things, sprinkle a bit of fairy dust, and add our own special touches. Then we test to see just what customers think. To be honest, our customers are the most important part of our business, and we absolutely love creating things just to see how our customers use them. Designing the cutest little cupcakes to help you to create that adorable bedroom theme you so want to bring to life for your daughter, or creating the perfect pies to add more zing to the lovely cafe you have in mind for your kitchen is what we do, and when we make it, we make so that you'll absolutely love it! Now how's that for a bit of Fakery Magic?

(Oh, BTW, I should probably mention that we don't really use fairy dust.) :)

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