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Cute Faux Cake Vignettes To Copy Today

Days at home have been a chance to get a lot more done. I've taken some time to work on projects that I've been meaning to get to, and it's been the perfect time to tackle those little details around the house. We've also been working on a few new items to bring to the shop over the next week. It's been a challenging process with the limitations of the stay at home, but I can always use a little something pretty to boost these days inside, couldn't you? So today I want to give you just a little inspo for vignette styling. I'm sharing a few of my favorite faux cake vignettes.   I hope you'll be inspired to use your faux cakes to create beautiful spaces. When you...

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Perfect Summer Scents – Choosing the Ultimate Candle Treats

Summer is just days away, and the burning fragrance of the perfect summer scents will be sure to captivate your senses. There are numerous scents to choose from that will surely capture summer in the air. Fruity fragrances are on top of the list. Scented candle enthusiasts also prefer popular fragrances such as bakery candles, summer desserts, floral, and so much more. Whether you want a rustic country feel, citrusy and fruity or something out of the oven, you can smell the scent you want when the candles are lit. Fruit Scents Fruity is synonymous to summer. That’s why you can never think of summer without the smell of fruits from the tropical to the citrusy bunch. Fruit scents are the...

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Finding the Fantastic - A Fragrance for Every Season

There's something special about each and every season that we can grasp hold of and remember. Even if we favor one season over another, there's likely something that you'll love about one of the others that will bring fond memories or kindle warm feelings. Likewise, there are fantastic scents for each and every season, spring, summer, fall, and winter, at least one of which can recreate memories of those same wonderful things you love most about the seasons of the year. In my community, the arrival of spring is a welcome relief after four, and sometimes five months of shoveling driveways and scraping frosty windshields. It’s a welcomed season because the garden goes in and the BBQ comes out. But whether...

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