Perfect Summer Scents – Choosing the Ultimate Candle Treats

Summer is just days away, and the burning fragrance of the perfect summer scents will be sure to captivate your senses. There are numerous scents to choose from that will surely capture summer in the air. Fruity fragrances are on top of the list. Scented candle enthusiasts also prefer popular fragrances such as bakery candles, summer desserts, floral, and so much more. Whether you want a rustic country feel, citrusy and fruity or something out of the oven, you can smell the scent you want when the candles are lit.

Fruit Scents

Fruity is synonymous to summer. That’s why you can never think of summer without the smell of fruits from the tropical to the citrusy bunch. Fruit scents are the most popular fragrances connected to summer. There are various collections to choose from and most are categorized to the most popular fruits in during the hot and humid season. Tropical fruit scents such as berries, melons, pear, apricot, banana, and kiwi are just few of the highly preferred fragrances. Another fruity category is the citrus collection from oranges to lime and lemon.

Summer Fruit Candle Scents

Why Fruit Scents for Summer?

Summer fruits are ideal candle scents because of their energizing effects. Fruity scents are always associated with vigor, perkiness, liveliness, enthusiasm, energy, and rejuvenation. If you want something to perk you up, light up a fruit scented candle in your room, anywhere in your house, in the house, and practically any venue of choice.

Bakery Scents

Bakery fragrances have various unique and colorful textures that would definitely leave you imagining your favorite bread and pastries fresh out of the oven. There are various scents to choose from such as fruit pastries, chocolate chip cookies, pound cakes, macaroons, marzipan, cinnamon pies, apple pies, caramels, bacon, blueberry muffin, and carrot cakes among others.

Cherry Cheesecake



Why Bakery Scents for Summer?

Make your home feel and smell exactly like one with the famous bakery scented candles. Candles in bakery scents offer a mouth-watering and delectable feeling. The fragrances in this collection will surely make your senses engaged and nostalgic of home. This group of scented candles is ideal for summer or if you want to have a summery feel and ambiance in your home. Most home stagers and real estate agents who are having an open house activity usually use bakery scented candles to attract prospective buyers and make their for sale unit much homier.

Floral Scents

Floral is closely associated to summer as much as it is with spring. This collection of scented candles is practically one of the hugest and most diverse. You can find a wide range of floral scents to choose from such as the most popular rose, carnation, hydrangea, chamomile, lilac, lavender, and so much more. There are exotic flower scent collections such as bird of paradise, lily of the valley, ylang ylang, waling-waling, and others. Floral scents are as diverse and huge as many flower species you can find. Most scented candles have one particular smell or a combination of one or more flower varieties in one amazing package.


Summer Floral Scents Honey Suckle


Why Floral Scents for Summer?

Fill your home with the freshness and daintiness of flowers with floral scented candles. This is the perfect fragrance for a romantic and sweet ambiance. The scents also remind you of the flowery meadows, gardens, orchards, and other places popular during the summer season. Floral scents are quite popular and highly preferred for other occasions not just to bring an enchanting fragrance in the air for your home. Many offices and establishments use floral scents to have a romantic and sweet flair and ambiance to match the theme of their venue.

Summer Desserts Scents

With the summer dessert scents for summer, it is impossible for you not to crave for a delightful treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. There are numerous scented candle collections with summer dessert scents, all smelling better and more delicious. There are various selections to choose from in this category. The most popular dessert scents for summer usually include chocolate, apple pie and tart, pumpkin pecan waffle, butterscotch, mango peach, hot buttered rum, vanilla cake, apple cinnamon, blueberry cobbler, and strawberry shortcake among others.

Why Desserts Scents for Summer?

Desserts are all-time favorites all year round. However, it is more popular during summer when you get to enjoy fruits and goodies that are only abundantly available during summer season. Moreover, dessert scents are remarkable reminders of your best summer getaways and adventures and if you cannot relive them just yet, having scented candles to remind you would be definitely great.


Other Uses of the Perfect Summer Scents

Scented candle enthusiasts know for a fact that summer scented variants are not just for exclusive use in your home. There are numerous other ways where scented candles with the theme for summer are used for.

  • Gift Ideas – One of the most popular uses for scented summer candles is for gift-giving. Make sure you bring a smile on your special someone’s face with this unique gift that is not just decorative but also functional and useful. Scented candle enthusiasts and collectors as well as those beginning to love the items will surely appreciate the deed.
  • Home Aesthetics and Décors – Scented candles are not just great-smelling items. Almost all collections of scented candles have the decorative side which would surely boost the aesthetics and looks of your home. According to Kline market research, home fragrance has peaked, considerably, since the 1990's and continues to rise (see article here). Today, you can find sophisticated and elegantly carved candles with different colors and designs to match the aesthetics of your room or any corner of the house. Also, using scented candles can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your guest room, read this article for more on this topic as written in the Baltimore Sun.
  • Must-Have for Spas and Health Clubs – Spas and health clubs are the venues where scented candles are most needed. With summer scented candles in massage rooms and other areas of the health club or spa, customers will instantly feel and smell the invigorating and refreshing perks that only summer scents could offer.

Add the perfect summer scents to your scented candle collection and see how invigorating and refreshing the ambiance becomes. Scented candles offer the perfect reflection and imitation of summer through your sense of smell. Enjoy the summery mood and bring the season right inside your home.
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