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Bakery Candles and Farmhouse Fake Food

Fall in love with deliciously scented bakery candles and Farmhouse fake food that looks good enough to eat!

Our customers have repeatedly told us that our bakery candles look and smell like you could eat them. And, to be honest, we like pleasing our customers so much that we just keep trying to make our bakery candles look and smell even more amazing!

Pie Candles, Cake Candles, Muffin and Cupcake Candles, Bread Candles, Cinnamon Bun Candles...

There's something wonderful about the smell of a bakery and, my personal favorite, home baked desserts. That's why our bakery candles are designed to give you long lasting fresh bakery scent to the end of the candle.

Get the irresistible smell of home baked cookies, cakes, pies, and breads in melt away wax tarts, jar candles, and realistic looking pie candle and cake candles that are designed to bring you beautiful, long lasting decor that smells delicious.

And if you haven't tried our farmhouse fake food, you should! We make rustic and primitive designed fake pies, fake bread, and fake biscuits designed go look like realistic versions of farmhouse fresh baked food. Try placing a fake apple pie in your country themed kitchen, or maybe you'd rather a beautifully baked fake bread loaf. You'll fall in love with how realistic each fake food piece, and you may just fool your guests! Whether you're looking for...

Prim Pantry Cakes, Fake Biscuits, Primitive Fake Pies, or a Primitive Fake Bread Loaf... 

We're always coming up with unique farmhouse fake food with a realistic touch. Not to mention, they smell quite delicious. I'm so excited that so many of our customers come back time and time again just to add to their farmhouse fake food collection.

Don't know what to look at first? I understand. There's so much to choose from with....

Bakery wax tarts including cookies, candy, and mini cakes

Ice-cream candles, coffee candles, and hot cocoa candles 

Prim fake apple pie, fake pumpkin pie, fake blueberry pie, fake cherry pie, fake pecan pie, and fake coconut pie

Primitive pantry cakes rubbed in fragrant spices

Fake bread loaves, biscuits, and croissants, all scented for your enjoyment

Bakery candles make great additions to your candle collection, and also make great gifts, simply because bakery candles are unique and people love them! Why give a bakery basket filled with edible treats that may sit around uneaten, when you can give a bakery candle basket filled with treats that will last a long time? Bakery candles are fun, beautiful, and they smell delicious!

Also consider using our farmhouse fake food for props or staging. Whether in your own kitchen or in a house you're staging, our fake pies, fake cakes, fake biscuits, fake bread, fake muffins, and fake desserts. Farmhouse fake foods look and smell just like real dessert, but they're only for decoration. Try our farmhouse fake food for your decor.

If you're like many of our customers who have been disappointed by failing candles in the past, you're probably asking,'So how do you know these candles really smell like the real deal?'

Well, I'll be honest. Before I was a candle maker, I bought tons of candles because I simply love them. I love the illumination, but more so, I love the way a good candle can just draw you in. The problem was always getting a great smell through the first half of the candle and having a dud the second half. I threw more money away in the bottom half of candles than anyone should. So I designed a candle that will give the best of good looks and great scent to the finish! In fact, I'm willing to GUARANTEE that our candles will burn strong to the end or it's free!


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I've given you every reason to try one of our bakery treats, but I'll give you just one more! For a limited time, when you make a $50 purchase, we'll give you a free gift. Now what are you waiting for? Grab yourself something that smells delicious!



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