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Luscious Desserts Without Gaining A Pound!

Who doesn't like dessert? Okay, if I were to be honest, I'd have to say my waistline but come on, there's nothing like home made pies, cakes, and cookies like those that Grandma used to make. Okay maybe it was your mom or Aunt Mary, who'd let you lick the spoon or eat the cookie dough but aren't those great memories - ones worth bringing back? 

here'sWell a way to bring that nostalgia to your home without compromising your waistline. Get the irresistible smell of home baked cookies, cakes, pies, and breads in melt away wax tarts, jar candles, and realistic looking pie candle and cake candles that are designed to bring you sweet thoughts and memories of those wonderful treats from childhood.There are many yummy candles and treats to try:

  • freshly baked cake candles, pie candles, ice cream candles and cupcake candles
  • home baked cookie wax tarts, candy wax tarts, and mini cake wax tarts
  • delicious tea cup candles, soda candles, and mug candle delights
  • lovely handmade pie ornaments
  • old thyme primitive pantry cakes
  • tempting faux bread loaves, biscuits, and croissants

All of these items come deliciously scented for your enjoyment.

So how do you know these candles really smell like the real deal? Well I'll be honest. Before I was a candle maker, I bought tons of candles because I simply love them. I love the illumination, but more so, I love the way a good candle can just draw you in. The problem was always getting a great smell through the first half of the candle and having a dud the second half. I threw more money away in the bottom half of candles than anyone should. So I designed a candle that would give the best of beauty and great scent to the finish! In fact, I'm willing to GUARANTEE that our candles will burn strong to the end or it's free!


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I've given you every reason to try one of our bakery treats but I'll give you just one more! For a limited time, when you make a $50 purchase, we'll give you a free gift (valued up to $75 - one gift per household). Now what are you waiting for? Grab yourself something that smells delicious!



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