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Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats

Fake Pastry Croquembouche Table Decor

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Table Decor Just Became Easy! This French pastry Croquembouche is a realistic looking fake food pastry tower. It looks like layers of delectable pastries and it smells just as delicious, making it a fabulous table centerpiece for a rustic wedding, a dinner, or just about any occasion.

Your Croquembouche:

* Measures approx. 12" tall
* Is Drizzled in Faux Caramelized Sugar
* Is NOT REAL FOOD but for decoration only
* Is heavily scented with your choice scent
* Is made to give you long lasting ornament
* Ships sealed and in padding for protection
* Is a one of a kind hand made item - no two will ever be exactly alike

I originally designed this piece as a custom order, and your Croquembouche will be designed in the same manner as this. The cake plate can be purchased separately by custom order. 

*Note* This Croquembouche is a heavyweight item and ships in a large box.