Candle Bakery Designs

Bakery candle styles virtually come in a wide assortment of size and shape imaginable. In fact, there is no limit in choosing among the various styles of bakery candles for your home and other venues you see fit. On top of the common candle designs, there are other more creative and decorative collections, especially when it comes to bakery scented candles. This category of candles is fun and colorful, not to mention limitlessly artistic. You can find different types, scents, and colors or if you cannot find what you are looking for, you can also have them customized and tailored to your preferences.



Variety of Bakery Candle Designs

The following designs are most common not just in bakery candles, but all other themes or types of scented wax creations today:


  • Jar, Filled or Container Candles – The production of this type of candle is done through pouring the wax into a metal, glass, or ceramic container. There are other materials utilized to make jar, container or filled candles depending on who is creating them, handmade or manufactured. This design is to have the candle wax specifically contained and held in order to withstand the burning heat. Bakery designed candles in this style will usually have the fragrance of a bakery or dessert (in a manufactured candle, such as you would buy from Yankee or Michaels), or they can have a more creative design with fruit, nut, and whipped toppings to give them a special dessert look and feel, which is more common of creative, handmade types.
  • Pillar Candles – Also referred to as a free-standing candle, this type is usually measured 3 inches or more in diameter with one or more candle wicks. Although the pillar variants are also called column candles, it could also come in square, circle, hexagonal, and other possible shapes. Stand-alone candles, as the name implies, may stand on their own; however, there is still the need for a heat-resistant holder when burning the candle. Bakery pillars will be even more different in variety, including a caked pillar or a bundt cake style candle that will burn without being contained. Another example would be a pillar style bread loaf candle, such as banana nut bread.
  • Taper Candles – This type of candle is slender with typically 6 to 18 inches height. Taper candles are also sometimes referred to as dinner candles and designed with a candle holder so that it is securely held upright. Taper dessert candles are generally going to be found in scent only. Since the shape of the candle is narrower, and designed to fit into a narrow candle holder, there aren’t as many design varieties due to this limitation; however, taper candles can be found in primitive caked style.
  • Votive Candles – With a small cylindrical shape, this type of candle usually has a diameter of 1 ½ inches and height of 2 or 2 ½ inches. Votive candles are placed in votive holders or cups in order to contain the liquefied wax when the candle is burned. The original version of votive candles is white and unscented and utilized for religious ceremonies. However, contemporary votive candles are now scented and come in various colors and designs. Votive bakery candles are more plentiful in variety, much like pillar standalone candles. They can be found in small breads, caked votive style, mini cakes, and many other fun forms.

  • Gel Candles – This type is usually made from gelled synthetic hydrocarbons or gelled mineral oils. The transparent-type of candle is produced through pouring the quasi-rigid or soft gel into the container of various sizes and shapes. There is a decorative wax item that is often blended and suspended with the gel in order to create a special visual effect. Bakery style gel candles are used in making many varieties of pies, sundaes, jelly style jar candles, and used in many designs that are predominantly using other waxes.
  • Tealight Candles – Known for their small and cylindrical shape, tea light candles are also filled candle variants as they are often dispensed into a metal holder or, more recently plastic, during production. The usual measurement of this candle type is 1 ½ inches in height and 1 inch in diameter. Bakery scented tea lights are a little more flexible in design, since they are container style. You may find bakery style varieties of them with crumbles and drizzles.


Customized Bakery Candle Designs

Bakery scented candles are the most customized and offer remarkably fun and wacky results. Just like your favorite baked goodies, bakery style candles could have the exact form and look to deceive your sight but not your sense of smell. Here are famous categories of bakery scented candles to choose from:


  • Bakery Cake Candles – Whatever type of cake you want, you can get it plus the fantastic smell. You can find a wide collection of bakery cake candles for entertainment and aromatherapy. There are numerous popular choices such as apple pies, cheesecakes, buttercream cakes, cherry pies, pumpkin pies, blueberry pies, coconut pies, and pantry cakes. All are not edible but definitely smell just like your favorite goodies fresh out of the oven.
  • Bread Loaves and Biscuits – The best thing about bakery designed candles is that imagination is definitely your limit when it comes to design. There are various candles that look exactly the same as the real thing. You can choose among country biscuits, bread loaves in rusty tins, muffins, cookies, and so much more.
  • Hot and Cold Gourmet Desserts – If you want something unique and aesthetically boosting, the gourmet desserts are definitely right for you. This category usually composes scented bakery fragrance candles in jars or containers. Most dessert types include sweet favorites such as our own caramelized crimson pear, corn, buttercream, butterscotch, cinnamon sugar, gingerbread, gourmet apple, coffee crunch, gumdrop, and ice cream.




Bakery Candles – More than the Aroma


Bakery candles are highly popular because of their amazing aroma that could replicate your favorite baked goodies fresh from the oven. More than that, the decorative designs of today’s candle collections are ingenious and superb. Scented bakery candles are fakes, but you oftentimes could not see the difference. Therefore, this collection of candles is ideal for both decorative and aesthetic purposes.


Where they can be used for?

Use candles of bakery style to add aesthetics to your room or any environments that need an instant decorative boost. Scented candles are undoubtedly ornamental and could effectively embellish almost any places and venues you want to decorate or redesign. Bakery candle creations are perfect for homes, your kitchen most of all.


However, this collection is also popular among establishments that want to have an instantly cozy and homey feel to their business. Spas, health clubs and the likes are the usual venues where a bakery designed candle is most ideal. Scented candles are also great for the real estate and home staging business. Remember when you entered a house for sale and you instantly felt at home because it smelled of chocolate chip cookies? Nowadays, home stagers and real estate agents use bakery aroma candles to complete the package and capture that kind of ambiance. 

Best of all, aroma candles are great gift ideas and items for collectors. You can give your loved ones this style of scented candles for practically all types of occasions and special events.

With the various styles of bakery candles available today, it would be a challenging yet fun quest to complete your ensemble of sweet-smelling, mouth-watering, and remarkably decorative candles.