Winter Floral Ideas to Chase Away the Dreary and Usher in the Cheery

Winter Floral Ideas to Chase Away the Dreary and Usher in the Cheery

While winter is known for its shorter days, dreary skies, naked trees, and chilly frosts, the inside of our homes don’t have to be bleak and cold.

Flower arrangements are an easy way to welcome in vibrancy while chasing away the gloom of winter inside.

If you’re looking for some quick and beautiful ways to use flowers to bring a little cheer to your home, I’ve come up with 9 Winter Floral Ideas to Chase Away the Dreary and Usher in the Cheery.

Pin for Winter Floral Ideas

9 Winter Floral Arrangement Ideas

Orange flowers with greenery and pinecones in a vintage yellow tin
I love how the orange ranunculus pop in this beautiful arrangement from Midwest Living. The earthy tones and greenery add a bit of balance and the vintage tin pulls out those yellows.
Tan flower spray in brown vase
While this arrangement is more on the muted side. There's nothing dead about how beautiful Metallic Full Moon Vase Dried Floral Arrangement would look on a console or as a table centerpiece.
White dried flower spray in silver vase
(photo by Pinterest)
Here's another fabulous spray that doesn't pop with color, but it makes up for it with neutral beauty. The metallic sprays add such an elegant touch. I'd love to have this grace my entryway. Did I mention how beautiful this vase is?
brown green and white winter flower arrangement on table
This one is one of my favorites of the eight. This fabulous Pinecone Arrangement is overflowing with neutrals, including browns, whites, greys, tans and greenery. It's welcoming and warm and it's a beautiful transition from winter to spring.
Red and green floral arrangement with red amaranth spilling over vase
If you've used pops of red for your Christmas decor, it can easily transition right into Valentine's Day splendor. Take a look at this elegant display called "Jane." Use of red amaranth, hydrangeas, and popping red peonies with spilling ivy make an eye catching combination. Catch a quick tutorial here
I searched around for a similar balloon vase and found this one. This vase is a bit different in shape, but it would be beautiful as well.
Valentine's Day Faux Cake with black cake red peonies and greenery
Here's one of my faux cake designs where David Anger's "Jane" was used as inspiration.
Cream rose bouquet centerpiece with artificial flowers
Cream and blush is always a beautiful neutral way to add a subtle pop of cheer to your home. This combination of cream faux roses and dahlias look amazing with blush berries and hydrangeas. You can find what you need to make this arrangement here.
Pine cone winter floral arrangement
There's nothing more fitting for winter than sprays of blue cedar mixed with pinecones. Add a little eucalyptus and you have this outstanding arrangement. This lovely arrangement, from Grandin Road, is lovely from Christmas through the winter, and it's neutral enough to place anywhere. Another fav for me.
Rose and Pine Floral Centerpiece
I couldn't resist sharing this fabulous DIY with you all. This arrangement is a fresh flower show stopper, but can easily be achieved with faux flowers as well. I, personally, don't mind the berries past Christmas, but you could very easily replace them with pine cones to transition from Christmas to winter decor. Karen over at Sanctuary Home Decor shows how to copy this over on her blog.
White roses and greenery in centerpiece
Blues and whites are such an elegant winter addition. They remind me of Frozen, but they're so appropriate for a winter arrangement. This arrangement was found over at Glamor and Grace Blog. It was designed for a wedding, but I think it's perfect to elevate a home during the winter (and maybe into spring if you go faux).

Bonus Florals For Any Time of the Year

I know that was number nine, but I have just one more flower arrangement that I have to share with you. It's forever roses. I love them because they're elegant, classy, and they last a whole year. These flowers are fabulous any time of year, but I particularly love them as a display during the Christmas holiday and straight into Valentine's Day.
Seriously, these guys will be displayed all year in my home, so don't be surprised if you see them pop up in future posts. 
They also make an amazing gift!
Eternity Roses

Summing it Up

Winter doesn't have to be dreary indoors. Flowers are a perfect way to cheer up the insides of our homes. Whether it's using a pop of color or neutrals, flowers are a quick and beautiful way to add some cheer to the home. Try a few of the DIYs above replacing faux with fresh or fresh with faux flowers or Forever Roses to give your home that special touch during winter and year round.
Also see these flower vases for your next floral design.

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