Last Minute Turkey Finds and Brining Recipes You Need To Have

Last Minute Turkey Finds and Brining Recipes You Need To Have

It's almost show time. Two days to Thanksgiving, and today's the day to make sure your decorations are intact and your tablescape is ready to make a magnificent impression.

Hopefully you already have your table accessories all shined and ready for the table and your drinks purchased. Also, if you opted for a frozen turkey, yesterday was the day you would have wanted to have it in the fridge for defrosting. If you haven't purchased a turkey yet, you may not be completely out of luck, but going fresh will be your better option.

And if you're considering brining your turkey, you'll want to have a turkey that's completely defrosted and ready to brine because brining a frozen turkey just won't work.

In this post, I'm sharing places you may still be able to find a fresh turkey and a brine recipe that will make your guests leave absolutely no turkey leftovers.

Turkey surrounded by fresh rosemary springs on platter sitting on stove

Where To Find A Fresh Turkey Last Minute

First, if you're still looking for a turkey, Whole Foods is known to have fresh turkeys for last minute buyers. You may also find a fresh (or defrosted) turkey at a local market. In our area, farmers markets have turkeys available up to the day before Thanksgiving. However, these places are known to close early on Thanksgiving Eve.

Who can blame them. They have families too!

Roasted turkey on platter surrounded by fresh rosemary sprigs

So let's get to bringing some crazy flavor to your Thanksgiving turkey. The one above is a turkey that I brined using my recipe below and then a rub, which I've also included.

Let's talk brining first.

Brining Your Bird

Brining is simply a process of allowing your bird to soak in a flavorful solution overnight, under refrigerated temps to keep it cold, while the bird absorbs all of the flavor from the solution or brine.

First you have to start out with a fresh or defrosted bird.

Raw Thanksgiving turkey

Your container has to be large enough to hold your bird and cover it with the brine.


 Turkey in All Clad roasting pan with rub on it

It may be a good to invest in a quality roasting pan. This one is from All Clad and it's perfect for a turkey up to 25 pounds. The size is good for either a couple of small birds or a grand size, and it's amazingly easy to clean. Let's just say a good pan is worth the investment.

All Clad turkey roaster on stovetop

Other Brine Recipe Ideas

I have also added links to a few other recipes for a variety in taste that are pretty good. It's all a matter of the ingredients you prefer. For example, if you don't like rosemary, you may want a brine solution that doesn't include it. These recipes are some that have really nice flavor combinations.

First up, is a citrus brine that's really good for both turkey and chicken. This one is rated 5 stars on All Recipes.

Next on my list is Bobby Flay's cajun brine recipe. If you like your bird to have a kick, you'll want to try this one (4.9 stars).

Third, is a bird's perfect This apple brine recipe is another 5 star recipe and very much worth trying.

In a Nutshell

With two days until the big day, your decor should be up and your drinks and glasses should be all purchased and shined. Turkeys can still be purchased in a few local places, if you haven't purchased yours yet. Brining is a great way to have a moist, flavorful turkey on Thanksgiving. There are many brining flavor options that will give you a delicious turkey. Adding a rub is also another way to add amazing flavor and moisture to your turkey.

 Be safe, and don't forget to check out what we're doing on Instagram. 

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