Cute and Easy Christmas Tablescape Ideas When You Need a Hand

Cute and Easy Christmas Tablescape Ideas When You Need a Hand

The Christmas tablescape is always a most festive and welcoming sight, especially when you're a brunch or dinner host. The best part is that if you haven't given much thought about your table setting, there's still time to pull together something beautiful to welcome your guests.

In my Thanksgiving decorating post, I gave a few last minute tips that included sliding some early Christmas decor into your scheme. In this post, I'm going to add a few more ideas to help bring tons of Christmas cheer to your table without a lot of hassle.

Let's get to it!

The Tabletop is Like a Canvas

There are so many things that you can do to create something beautiful that speaks to your guests about your home vibe. It can be casual, elegant, rustic, eclectic, or whatever you're feeling. The idea is to translate that over to your table and use your canvas to convey those feelings, or that vibe, to your guests.

The key in creating a beautiful tablescape is to do what you love. Here are some examples of tablescapes using Christmas faux cakes.




Each of these scapes is very different in style, yet they have used the same centerpiece. Every one of them is beautiful because they convey the individuality of the stylist.

Elevate Your Tablescape

Once you've figured out the style you'd like to express, Christmas is heavy on cookies and desserts. I've fallen in love with this Juliska cookie tray. It's a perfect size for a small group and keeps the portion size manageable.

Juliska Christmas Cookie Tray on table with silver tea service


I love the use of silver trays for a little elevation. My tablescape vibe usually includes some element of gold, silver, or bronze because it gives even a casual tablescape a hint of elegance.


Silver Tray with Mini Cakes
Here I've used both my brass candlesticks with the silver tray for a more vintage style with old world elegance. It's the style I'm most drawn to.
The candlesticks or the silver tray could easily be incorporated into a farmhouse or rustic style to set a different tone.
gold cake stand with chocolate faux naked cake topped with red roses
Linens are also a beautiful way to add a special touch to your table. I prefer to use 100% linen for my tablecloth because they just simply get better with each wash. Every single time you wash them you'll see that linen fabric just improves and gains more character.
The gold cake stand is also another element that can uplift a table. Place it in the center of a buffet or dessert table, or use it as a centerpiece to display a faux cake for a pretty touch to your tablescape. It can also be used to create a centerpiece using faux greenery or a one tiered decorated pedestal.
I'm including the links to a lot of these items below, since many of them are still available for a quick delivery in time for Christmas or even gifting.
What are some of your favorite things to decorate your table with during Christmas? Let me know in the comments.

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