This Year, An Interesting Fun Twist on Holiday Candles

Today, we start our official countdown for our new Christmas product line, Christmas on Sugar Park Avenue, where you can sign up to get a free sample at the time of our launch.

When I first started this project, I thought about how many customers love the look of bakery candles just because they have that unique look of food you want to eat. Well, I wanted to give my customers something that they would not only admire, but that they'd connect with. I wanted to do something even more fun.

Each piece in our holiday collection this year was meant to bring some level of connection with a sweet memory, either by it's design, aroma or both. Small but important touches were added to make each piece extra special, more realistic, fun, and even more admirable.

I think you guys will absolutely love how the overall design of this collection will make fabulous, unique gifts for this coming holiday because of the nostalgia that comes with it.

Another thing. It was very important to us to make our collection with as much soy as we possibly could, without the use of paraffin, however, if you've ever read our post on the pros and cons of using soy, you'll get an idea of how difficult that can be. So while we did succeed in using all soy for quite a few of the pieces you'll see, there are some paraffin pieces as well as some parasoy and even beeswax creations that are included in the collection that you'll also see. 

So now that I've given you some clue as to what we're going to introduce here, and a bit about what we've used to come up with these treats, I'm continuing to put the finishing touches on all of these pieces. It's been pretty amazing to see it all come together, but it's also quite nerve wrecking waiting to get everything complete.

As we begin to count down to the release of these sweet treats, I invite you to join us for the contests on Facebook and Twitter this week. Also, our official $100 Fakery Box(TM) giveaway is underway, you can sign up for that here

Stay posted because there are more things coming, including sneak peeks.


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