These 5 Fabulous Décor Sites Will Make You...

These 5 Fabulous Décor Sites Will Make You...

Five Home Decor Sites Will Make You...

Hi, everyone. It’s getting closer and closer to autumn, and I’ve already started seeing the leaves falling from the trees in my back yard. It’s so crazy! I promise I was just saying to myself how I couldn’t wait until the weather finally got warmer. Now the weather’s heading for cool again. Crazy I tell you!

So today, I started thinking about how the seasons really have an impact on how we decorate. Then one thought led to another and I started to think about all of the inspiration there is for home decorating out there. For every style there’s something to inspire you. But inspiration is supposed to be just that, inspiration. If you’re like me, you always take tidbits from these resources and collectively use all of that inspiration to create that special something that brings out the you in your home décor.

When using resources for my own home, even for my own shop creations, I go to different places to get ideas for colors, trends, and other great tips. So, I’m going to share with you 5 fabulous picks for home décor that will make you… well, you tell me what they make you do. I’ll just say that these are a few of my very own favorite places to go for home décor inspiration. Check them out and then let me know what you think. 

  1. Elle Décor. This one is my favorite among favorites. I absolutely love Elle Décor for two reasons: It’s chic, and it’s internationally trendy. The third reason (which I never even mentioned) it’s fabulous!
  2. The Inspired Room. This is a blog written by Melissa, who keeps things really simple. She inspires her readers to make their homes their own doing very doable things that won’t cost an arm and a leg.
  3. Dear Lilly. Okay, this one was actually hard to put at number three because I love it so much. Jennifer is a master of reproducing vignettes with a really lovely French cottage feel, and she has lots of DIYs to help you do it.
  4. Houzz. While it’s not anything like the others that I’ve mentioned, Houzz brings you so many different ways to view home décor. You have so many styles to look at that you could easily develop your own, very nice, eclectic thing at home. I loved it so much that I decided to open up a shop there! (Still in progress, guys.)
  5. Country Living Magazine. I love this magazine because it’s sooo laid back and at home. It’s those warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie recipes, comforting throws, picnics on the lake (oh, yes I did), and more down home love that I absolutely crave.

So there they are! I’m telling you, guys, these are definitely swoon worthy home décor resources. Now it’s your turn. Tell me what you think about these resources and share some that are on your “swoon” list?

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