The Real Question is Who Bakes Bread at Home Anymore?

The Real Question is Who Bakes Bread at Home Anymore?

Remember when the pandemic first began and the stores were completely wiped out of flour?

For serious pre-quarrantine bread makers, it was crazy frustrating, but it was also a great moment to show off what we've always done and teach others how to make their own bread.

Now that we're not stuck in the house, I'm still making home baked bread simply because I see it as a healthier (and cheaper) alternative to store bought varieties.

And for those who don't really care to bake, I've got your Fakery fake bread as well.

My newest Reel to get a view of making some cute fake bread table decor. Also, I'm sharing a throwback of an amazing bread recipe, one that I consistently use for sandwiches and burgers. Use it to bake bread like a boss.

For leftover home baked bread, try my brioche bread pudding recipe that can also be used for any type of bread, though the texture may differ just a bit.

I'm hoping you enjoy the fake, the real or both. Have a spectacular day!

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