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What You Need To Know About Kitchen Fake Food Props

Reality: Food Affects Emotion Sometimes it’s the sweetest things that draw us in. You might know what I’m talking about. Think about the attention a baked cake or pie gets when it’s sat on a table. It’s the center focus of the kitchen. What about those times when you walk past a bakery and you stop right dead in your tracks? You're forced to press your fist into your mouth to suppress that spiked craving. You’d like to think that your sweet tooth went away, but lingering aches like that don’t die so easily. The irresistible aroma turns stalkerish and lures you into the pretty pastry shop that’s been taunting you. If that wasn’t bad enough, you walk in the...

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12 Super Valuable Ways to Use Fake Food You Never Thought Of

Hey, everyone! Hope your week is going well.  As a creator of fake foods, I’m often asked lots of questions about how our fake food creations work and how they’re used. I’ll get questions like, “Can you burn those fake pies,” or “Do they spoil?” I’ve even had a few people do some very interesting things with our designs that either have, made me smile (because it just means we nailed it that time) or shriek (because people can be kind of scary with fake food). I had a potential customer contact me because she was going to have a few ladies over for tea. She loved the look of the fake apple pie design and wanted to use one...

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