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Tablescape Ideas Anyone Can Easily Accomplish

There's something inviting about a beautiful tablescape with a centerpiece and pretty trimmings. Sometimes, I create them just to glance over at my dining room and feel accomplished. It also helps to keep people from using my table as a clutter collector, but that's another blog post. Today, I'm sharing some tablescape styling tips from my friend, Kelly, from Farm to Table Creations.  Kelly has such a beautiful way of styling her tablescapes, and I asked her to share a few tips with us on just how she pulls them off. Her fresh and fun approach to styling will inspire you to create tablescapes of your own. So here's Kelly: The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table. I feel that...

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Wow Your Guests With Easy Candle Centerpieces

Want to enhance the ambience of your home any time of the year? With a candle centerpiece, you can, particularly when you choose a scented display. A scented candle centerpiece will not only make your abode smell wonderful, it can also aid in banishing cooking and pet odors. Not to mention, a scented candle centerpiece can bring a sense of warmth and comfort to a home with its cozy flame and inviting fragrance.   In this post, I'd like to share some great methods that will help you to create candle centerpieces that you can use to spice up your home decor. Since your own imagination and creativity are what makes your centerpiece unique, I'm not going to cloud your creativity by giving you a bunch of images to...

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Stepping Up Your Fall Table Decor With Decor That Makes Scents

Fall Table Decor & Fake Foods: A Great Way to Spice Up Your Home During the Fall Season Fall is in the air and it’s high time to put all those summer clothes away and bring out your favorite long-sleeved shirts. Autumn is also an excellent time to bring various recipes and spices right at your kitchen’s forefront. Just like the way many people decorate their homes during the cool season, there are cake recipes and flavor combinations that will help you spell out fall at its best. Foods for Fall Can you think of an occasion that’s not celebrated with different kinds of food? If you think about it, foods that are prepared during special affairs usually coincide with...

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