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Simple Ways To Make Your Home Smell Great This Spring

Simple Ways To Make Your Home Smell Great This Spring It’s that time of year! The flowers have started blooming to get us thinking about those beautiful fresh flower arrangements, and the weather is bright and pretty. Time to pull out those fresh and floral aromas for your home. Today, I want to share a few different (and easy) ways you can get your home smelling like spring with very little effort. Some of these you may have already thought about or tried. If you have, I'd love to hear your faves in the comments below. For those you haven't, let me know which you find most interesting. I love spring for its new blooms and for the mountain air here. I...

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This Week's Popular Pick - Float on This!

Each time we create a candle, we try to create something really special that onlookers will completely fall in love with. This Vanilla Cola Float candle has yet to fail, with 60% of our online shop visitors giving it a thumbs up. One of the reasons this is one of our most popular candles with our customers is not so much that it looks and smells like that great combo of rich, creamy vanilla and bubbly cola, but it burns strong and oh so long! Seriously, this 22 ounce cup of yum burns over 320 hours. This has been our most popular pick this week while it continues to rank as one of our best sellers in the shop. Many buyers have used these...

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10 Fabulous Spring Fragrances to Boost Your Cleaning

Spring cleaning is an important, yet daunting, task for most people. Interesting facts show that setting the mood for spring cleaning could certainly boost your motivation and get you going. One of the best ways to get motivated to clean is to make your home smell good. You'd be surprised at how good smells can create the right ambiance great to jump start a spring cleaning spree, and scented candles (with just the right aroma) are your most effective mood-enhancing tools for better home scents that inspire.10 Fabulous Mood-Boosting Scents for Spring Cleaning Take a look at some of the most recommended fragrances that are known to inspire and elevate your energy leve, and get ready to set yourself up for an enjoyable...

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