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How to Create an Autumn Leaves Scent

How to Create an Autumn Leaves Scent? How do you make your room exude with a smell that spells out autumn or fall? When autumn or fall is in the air, everyone gets an invigorated feeling while they smell the numerous fragrances that come from woods and falling leaves. However, you need not to go out of your home all the time especially when you want to enjoy those sweet and invigorating smells coming from nature. Is there a way by which you can have those autumn leaves, flowers and wood scents stay inside your room so you will never have to go out and feel cold in the outdoors? Create Your Own Autumn Leaves Scent An effective way to...

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Bakery Scented Oils: 10 Simple Tricks for Your Home

Using Bakery Scented Oils in your home is much simpler than you may think. Oils with scents like Cinnamon Bun or Buttercream are a perfect way to sweeten every room in your house. Using a traditional, scented oil warmer is far from the only way to make these gorgeous fragrances part of your life. Here are my top ten tricks for using Bakery Aroma Oils in the home.   Open your dresser drawers and tuck a small, oil-dipped swatch of fabric (cotton is best) between your sweaters and lingerie. If you place the fabric in a small Tupperware or Ziploc container, and pierce the lid, the fragrance of your choice (I like the idea of a Chocolate Lover's Garden!), will scent...

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Uncut Fragrance Oils in Scented Candles

Scented candles with uncut fragrance are all the rave among candle makers and candle lovers alike. Also referred to as perfume oil, scented oil, or aroma oil. These oils are a balanced blend of synthetic aroma compounds that have variations in their molecular structure to change their scent. The question is, what does it mean when these aroma compounds are advertised as 'uncut,' and what does it mean when fragrances are cut. Find out here.

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