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4 Easy Ways To Get Better Lasting Scented Candles

4 Easy Ways To Get Better Lasting Scented Candles Holiday vibes are in the air, and candle lovers are grabbing the scents they love most at this time of year. Freshly cut spruce and invigorating juniper, bittersweet cranberries and sprinkles of refreshing candy cane, rich vanilla sugar cookies baking alongside of simmering deep, dark chocolaty cocoa are wafting through the atmosphere.  While you've got those beautiful fragrances uplifting your space and evoking sweet memories, you'll want to make sure you keep your candles in optimal performance mode to get the most of your burn. Candle lovers are realizing that simply picking up candles, sniffing them, and popping them into their cart isn't the surefire way to get a good candle. In 2017, we've...

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How Bakery Scents Affect Memory

Grandma’s Kitchen Scents  My Grandma was the best cook. I know I’m not the first person to believe that about ‘Grandma’ (or Nona, Nana, Gran, Memaw, and etc.), but in my case, it’s the truth. She baked cookies and squares, bread and cakes, and in spite of having a folder of her recipes written in her own hand; I have failed utterly to replicate the smell and taste I remember. Her delicious, simple chocolate chip cookie is one of the most delicious smells I vividly recall. When the batch of cookies was in the oven, the kitchen was a delightful cloud of vanilla, chocolate, sugar and buttery smells. When the cookies came out they were a little bit rounded and...

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