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New Additions and a Fall Giveaway

It's October and the fall season is officially here. We've added a few new accessories to the shop that were all hand picked to display your fake desserts and candles with serious rustic charm. Take a look at a few below, and click on the pic to view the details for each item..       We also added some pillar candles with sock it to you scent for this autumn.      Also, in celebration of this new season, we're having a Farmhouse Fake Pumpkin Pie Giveaway. So enter to win a fake pumpkin pie like the one below. Scroll down to see the instructions.     Here are the details: 1. Click here to enter on Rafflecopter by...

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Get Ready For Black Pieday!

November's here already and we have more Black Friday (excuse me...Black Pieday) goodies coming your way. Find out what we have coming up, and how you can enter to win a series of cool stuff that we're giving away. Are you ready?

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A Week Of Contests and Giveaways You'll Absolutely Love

It’s that time, everyone! Soon Christmas will be coming to Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats, and we are SUPER excited about it! It’s been a really crazy journey as we’ve been creating many Fakery™ treats for you to gift and enjoy during the holiday season. This season we’re focusing on bringing out the child at heart. Join us on Facebook and Twitter, this week and next, for contests and giveaways. There will be specific instructions, about where and when you'll be able to enter our contests.  But... You'll have to be attentive.  The contests will vary and will appear in random places. You have to pay attention so that you won't miss them. We’ll be having a bit of fun over...

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