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Spring Faux Cake Designs Are In

They're finally here. If you haven't seen some of the new spring faux cake designs on Instagram this morning, you can check out my profile and stories to day to get some up close views of the new cakes. I'll also be live on Instagram at 11 am est today (Thursday morning) to talk a little about the cakes and some of the other really special items that you'll find in the shop. You won't want to miss it!      New designs are up! Take a peek. https://t.co/edr2PN2Ngj #artistontwitter #bakery #cake #baking pic.twitter.com/CzsfzYWp1J — EverythingDawn (@EverythingDawn) March 4, 2021

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Are You Ready For New Faux Cake Spring Styling

It's time. That would be new faux cake spring styling time. Spring cakes make their debut in the shop this Thursday, and we're getting excited! I mean seriously, can you believe it's almost spring? Just weeks ago, all that could be seen from my window were snowy trees and the snow covered ground. Four snowstorms swept across this area, and I have to say that I enjoyed every single snowflake. But over this weekend, the weather warmed up about 15 degrees. So in areas where the snow had melted away, to my surprise, I could actually see the leaves of my spring tulips emerging through the old mulch in the front garden bed. It's the first time I've planted tulip bulbs because I...

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Cute Faux Cake Vignettes To Copy Today

Days at home have been a chance to get a lot more done. I've taken some time to work on projects that I've been meaning to get to, and it's been the perfect time to tackle those little details around the house. We've also been working on a few new items to bring to the shop over the next week. It's been a challenging process with the limitations of the stay at home, but I can always use a little something pretty to boost these days inside, couldn't you? So today I want to give you just a little inspo for vignette styling. I'm sharing a few of my favorite faux cake vignettes.   I hope you'll be inspired to use your faux cakes to create beautiful spaces. When you...

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