Simple Tips To Get The Most Of Your Holiday Candle Burning

Simple Tips To Get The Most Of Your Holiday Candle Burning

Simple Tips To Get The Most Of Holiday Candle Burning

Hey all!

It's been a busy Thanksgiving weekend with lots of busy sale days and deals. So, while all the deals are flowing on this Cyber Monday, and you're shopping around for your fav candle scents, I think it's the perfect time to answer a few candle questions.

Many of you have been asking some very specific questions about candle brands and candle burning. Specifically, I've been asked about why Yankee Candles scent doesn't last, how to reuse wax that's lost its scent, and I've had a number of you ask about candle tunneling. I've provided links to some other posts that we've done on these topics that may be helpful, but I'm going to throw in a few more tips in this post. 

As you pick up some of your favorite holiday scents, you'll likely be looking for candles that fill the air with those holiday vibes that you love. You'll also find that some of the very candles you buy will perform better than others. It's sort of the nature of the beast.

The reason is...

There are various differences in a candle's composition that will cause one candle to perform differently from another. So how do you know what to look for and how to buy?

Here are a few simple tips to help you get the most of your holiday candle burning.

1. Remember, You Get What You Pay For.

Ok. So that probably sounds pretty harsh, but the reality is that if you're looking to get a wonderful candle with a beautiful scent throw that lasts a long time, you're likely not going to get that from your local Wal-Mart. 

Stop shopping the Wal-Mart candle aisle thinking that you're gonna get more than a couple dollars worth of scent. It just doesn't work that way. Cheap candles are produced cheaply to give you low cost products at a lower price. If you want a quality candle, you actually have to shop for quality. See here for tips on choosing a quality candle.

2. Stop Comparing Paraffin and Natural Candle Prices.

Whether you're hooked on paraffin candles or natural candles are more of your thing, you'll find that there's an obvious difference in price between the two. Comparing these two is like comparing the price of natural fibers to synthetic. You can't do it because they're priced differently for very different reasons.

Paraffin lovers should compare paraffin with paraffin. Natural candle lovers should compare the natural waxes.

Here's why.

Paraffin is a petroleum derivative (usually food grade), and is cheaper to produce. Cheaply produced wax can be sold at a lower cost. 

Natural waxes, such as soy, coconut, and palm waxes, are extracted from nature's bounty. They often require farming, harvesting, and more processing. So, natural waxes can be more costly to produce.

If you like paraffin candles, you're better off comparing candles that are made with paraffin (e.g., Yankee and Bath & Body Works) than you are comparing natural candles with paraffin candles. Honestly, they offer different things so there's no comparison.

3. Burn Them Properly

Every candle should have one of those little safety stickers on the bottom of the candle jar or the box it came in. Read it. Candle safety is important, and most candle related accidents are a direct result from people not reading that little sticker. 

4. Keep the Fire Burning

When you get that hole that burns straight down the middle of your candle, it can be a result of not burning the candle long enough for there to be a sufficient wax pool. Burning a candle for a minimum of one hour per burn session should keep this from happening as long as the candle was made properly. 

5. Determine What You Want From Your Candle

If you want a long burn time or a candle that burns with scent all the way through, you need to only go to candle companies who provide those things. If you want a cute little candle to display on your table, but you'll never burn it, buy from someone who provides that. 

Don't expect every candle to give you the same results. They just don't.

Candles should be looked at like pillows. There are firm ones that are better for side sleepers. Then you have some pillows that are softer for those stomach sleepers, some that are made from feathers, others memory foam, and those that are hypoallergenic. All of these have different purposes. Some features you'd combine to find that perfect pillow, but the point is that no one single pillow will work for everyone.

If you know what you want, you're more likely to get just that and be less disappointed in what you end up with. Find out tips for choosing the right candle every time here.

Just to sum things up...

While picking up a candle for the holiday doesn't have to be like shopping for a car, you do want to know what it is you expect from your candle. Once you decide what's more important to you, seek out candle providers that offer exactly what you're looking for. 


All candles aren't equal. When you're comparing them, try to only compare candles that are similar in their composition (paraffin with paraffin and soy with soy). This will help keep your expectations more realistic and you'll be happier with your product.

If there's a candle topic you'd like to know more about, please let us know in the comments below. We'll do our best to get your questions answered in our future posts.

Be awesome!

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