Remarkable Tray Styling Tips To Use Today

Remarkable Tray Styling Tips To Use Today

Beautiful table decor makes me swoon. Today I want to share with you a talented friend whose table decor is inspiring and elegant. Tracey from Remarkable Interior is going to take over, from here, and share with you her professional tray styling tips.

As we head into Fall all the decor loving gals are focusing even more on the inside the home. Cozying in. I'm a sucker for great coffee table decor, so I was thrilled when sweet Dawn - Everything Dawn - asked me to join her here and share some of my favourite tray styling tips!

When I break it down I realize I  use the same strategy every time I style a tray for my home or my clients .

Setting styled tray on table
White sofa with styled coffee table

Starting off with the tray itself… 

It's really important to get the scale of the tray right for the surface it's on! You can play with this depending on the use . In my home there is a “need” for foot space ( thanks Mr!)  So to keep the family happy I make sure the tray and decor doesn't take up the whole surface. I also love to change up the shape of the tray...rectangle table /round tray. Really friends, choose the pieces you love. Tiered trays are so fun but because they are tall usually best in kitchen or counter top spaces!

Styled Tiered Tray with candle and greenery

Next break the tray into sections. 

I like quadrants to make it easy . Fill one or two quadrants with a base...the best and easiest is books! Pretty coffee table or vintage books are one of my favourite styling tools! Build up one section with a stack of books for height .

Book stack toppers…

Top your book stack with something natural and of scale to the stack ( and tray) . A beautiful vase of seasonal blooms or foraged yard greenery . There is also zero shame in faux stems! So many amazing options these days . Other book stack topper ideas can be a wood bowl filled with beads , a vintage collectible pot, textured balls in a simple  ceramic's the limit!

vase of tulips on a styled coffee table tray

Fill in the blanks.

Here is when I want to make sure the height and scale of the tray are balanced. If your book stack is  tall then balance it with an object of scale. A large 3 wick candle , a lidded ginger jar, a natural weave basket. Small boxes or baskets are great to contain little things like remotes , small collectibles, interesting objet d’art! I can't stress enough, in order to make these styled surfaces feel good in your space you have to insert elements you love. That's what makes your home, HOME. Sometimes it's changing out one thing seasonally, but makes a huge difference!

white chair behind white styled table tray with pink flowers

Things to use that you already have.

When you are ready for a change, no need to buy new. Shop your home for interesting  bits tucked away in cabinets and drawers. I love mason jars for fresh blooms and greenery.  Small figurines tucked in under greenery stems are perfect pieces of interest and space fillers. Small wood signs, candles , vintage many things to add in and change it up. As you can tell I lean toward natural textured, neutral ( read white!) decor styling but we all have stuff we have collected over time , modern, glammy, farmhouse, all works on your trays . Have some fun, break the rules , enjoy your decor!

fuzzy pillow beside wooden bed tray with pink tulips

You can find more amazing styling tips from Tracey on her blog. She also shares gorgeous inspo on Pinterest and Instagram and can be reached by email at Barefoot Luxury - Good Design for Great Moments

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white chair and styled table tray with pink flowers

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