People Love Fragrance For 3 Reasons Alone

People Love Fragrance For 3 Reasons Alone

3 Reasons People Love Fragrance

Why, Exactly Do People Love Fragrance?

Fragrance has been around since ancient times, in fact, the Ancient Egyptians were huge perfume users in their culture, as they believed it served as an aid both spiritually and in healing. Some of the fragrances they created came from spices and plant life that are very much still current today, such as cinnamon, cardamom, lilies, as well as the well-known frankincense and myrrh. The Egyptians were quite skilled in perfumery long ago, and the love of perfume has certainly carried on through the centuries. So, what makes fragrance so well loved now? What is it about spritzing, melting, and burning fragrance that compels us to keep doing it centuries later?

In the Mood

Fragrance is known to exude feelings of happiness, energy, confidence, and even relaxation, to name a few. According to fragrance experts, not only does fragrance play a huge role in how you feel, it has a pretty big impact on emotions. However, there’s no one special scent that will trigger these emotions for everyone. It’s all about how you connect, emotionally, to the scent itself.


Just as you could imagine, scents are associated with memories. The connection of a scent to a season, a time in your life and those fabulous treats your grandmother used to bake is an example of how the olfactory system triggers those very memories when we smell something familiar. I talked about this a great deal in a previous post.


Dominican Republic Vacation Punta Cana


Take Me Away

Fragrances have the ability to whisk you away to places unseen. Fantasies are sparked by rich connections with your surroundings to create passions, exciting stories, and creates an appreciation of simple pleasures. Victoria, writer for Bois de Jasmin, notes how a perfume can be a "ticket" to creating a personal fantasy. 

It's these three reasons we continue to love fragrance so much. Fragrance is the very essence of how we connect with many things around us. The next time you smell something amazing, pay attention to your surroundings and, when you come across that amazing aroma again, your olfactory system may just recall the very time and place you first encountered it. Memories in the making.

I'm sure you'll agree that autumn makes the perfect time of year for amazing scents that instantly spice up your space. It's such a beautiful time of year filled with vibrant color and comforting foods that I, personally look forward to. To be perfectly honest, I fall in love with those rich, spicy fragrances year after year, which is why I designed an array of enticing, fragrant fake pies in this autumn 2016 product line. Each fake pie captures the essence of autumn to give you a unique decorative piece that's unlike any other. I invite you to find out more about how fake pies can accent your decor here.


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