Last Minute Gifts: Love It and Use For Him and Her

Last Minute Gifts: Love It and Use For Him and Her

It's fewer than two weeks until Christmas, and if you haven't picked up a gift for someone, I've come up with a great gift guide that will make both him and her happy.

These are gifts that will ship quickly, while also giving your recipient the ability to love it and use it all of the time.

Trust me. These picks are thoughtful, useful and well loved gifts. They're versatile and your "person" will thank you.

But don't wait around. Remember that shipping cut offs are a real thing this time of year, and you want to get your goods in time to wrap and gift. 

So onto it!

Last Minute Gifts: Love It Use For Him and Her


Last Minute Gift Guide For Him and Her


1. Masterclass

This is the perfect gift for anyone who's looking to build skills. Some of the classes are really insightful and it's cool to see many of the celebs instructing. It makes a great universal gift with a great return.

2. Leather Backpack

This one is another all around gift that would be great for anyone, the mom who needs a stylish diaper bag, the hiker, the businessperson. It's simple and useful.

3. Versace Sunnies

Another stylish gift that's perfect for anyone. Versace sunnies are great for those no make up days when you want to elevate your look or for adding a little swag. They're also still very useful for keeping the sun out of your eyes.

4. Nest Candles

The home gift that adds a bit of luxury to any space. The scents are long lasting and worth the tag. I also highly recommend Colonial Candle for amazing scented candles with a tag that's a bit less.

5. Monte Leather Zipper Planner Binder

If you're gifting someone like a little old school in the planner department (like me), a leather binder planner like Monte Leather Zipper Binder is great for keeping your stuff together. They're sturdy, long lasting, and planners just rock with helping to set goals and see your progress toward them. Can you tell I'm a fan?

6. Breville Duo

One of the best gifts I've received is the Breville Duo. I've made some amazing lattes with this machine. I love to play barista, and I'm sure that anyone who gets this machine would become hooked instantly! 

For recipes to use with your Breville espresspo maker, check out this post.

7. Leather Catchall

Before you say, "Why so much leather?" I'd just like to say that leather is not only trendy, it's durable and never goes out of style. This Leather Catchall makes a perfect tray for the person who needs to drop their keys or money clips in a place. It could also be used for jewelry or loose change. My husband drops his keys anywhere and I use a catchall to hold his keys right by the door. Classic and useful!

8. Pixi Facial Cleanser

Everyone needs a clean face, right? Pixi uses botanicals and clean products to create skincare that makes you feel refreshed and clean. Maryam's Hydrate for the Holidays Bundle is complete with a variety of clean skincare products to create a nice regimen.

9. Yeti Tumbler

Ummm a Yeti tumbler is just the best! It keeps things hot for hours and it keeps things cold equally as long. It makes a great gift for the car, to take on travel or just to have on hand when you're running errands.

I've also linked to the gifts in this guide in my LTK shop. Take a look below to check out the pics up close.


Tell me in the comments. It there anything on this list that you love but hadn't thought about?

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