How To Host A Fabulous Victorian St. Patrick's Day Tea

How To Host A Fabulous Victorian St. Patrick's Day Tea

Having at St Patrick's day tea party is a great way to celebrate in green. So, today,  let's explore some great ideas and tips for how you can create your own St Patrick’s day tea, but in Victorian style!

In my previous post, I talked a bit about how to make your kitchen feel warm and inviting. A warm kitchen seems to give off an inviting aura that speaks volumes of your home. Having a tea party can be an extension of the warmth of your kitchen.

So on to it.

There are so many options for hosting a beautifully themed tea, and when you pull it off, it can feel so rewarding. 

The first thing to remember when planning a tea celebration is...

Tea Service with a magazine on a table

A Tea Party Is All About Your Vision and Creativity

Meaning, if you live in a warmer climate then you can go for a beautiful garden tea party and nature can play a great part in the beauty of your decor.

If it's not as warm where you are, hosting in your home dining area, using a sun room where the sun rays brighten your space, are also very doable options. If your space is limited, selecting a venue can be an option, or asking a friend to host with you at their home.

It's all about your vision for your tea gathering, a bit of hosting etiquette, and fabulous decor. In fact, I gave a few ideas for creating a kitchen theme that you can steal here.

At any rate, whatever place you choose, I have a some great St Patrick days tea ideas that you can use, mix, or match for your special tea.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Planning Ahead

With any event, planning is the key to having a successful St Patrick's day tea and to help you out, here are some things to consider:

  1. Determine how many guests you’ll invite. Do you want a big party or an intimate one? List the names of the people you plan to invite. 
  2. Set a time. Do you want a light afternoon tea or a late night tea party? Afternoon tea parties may start around 2:00 – 3:00 pm, while 4:00 pm is a good starting time for night tea party.
  3. Set the attire. Will you want your guests to wear special costumes, maybe a bit of green for instance. Don’t forget to include this on the invitations.

Once you’ve finalized these three things, you can start sending out invitations to your friends to let them know that you are hosting your tea.

Sending out Invitations

Sending out your invitations on time is super important so people can make proper plans to attend your St Patrick’s tea. About 4 weeks in advance gives just enough time for people to plan ahead.




Plan Your Menu

The key to having fab Victorian style St. Patrick’s Day tea party is to plan your menu properly so that you're not in panic mode days before your party.

For something extra special, try combining traditional Irish foods with some very classic English standbys. For example, Irish tea served with scones, tea biscuits with lemon curd, and maybe a bit of Irish cream as an added measure of, Irish fun. 

To spice up your menu, you can try this menu sample by My Tea Planner . You don’t just get a complete menu from beverage to sweets, the recipes are also included. The shortbread shamrock cookies, lemon-lime punch and Miniature potato pasties are a must-try.


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Don’t Forget the Tea

What’s a tea party without tea? For St. Patrick’s Day tea party, go all out on Irish teas. Jot down a list of the teas you want to serve at the party.

You may want Irish breakfast Tea, Indian Assam tea blends to be on top of the list. But you should also consider the preference of your guests. Offer them a wide variety of tea blends. Earl Grey and organic herbal teas are great choices.

For a non-traditional tea choice, Samovar suggests to make a green tea cocktail called “Saint Patrick’s Day Red & Green Ale”. It is fun and super simple to make which is a mixture of green tea and an alcoholic drink.


Set the Mood with Decoration and Music

One of the best ways to set a St. Patrick's Day mood is to go green. If green isn't your thing, go for just a touch of green.

For an elegant Victorian tea party, use emerald greens. For the table set-up, you can use emerald green linen or white-laced linen with green accents. Use Irish tea sets or floral designed tea set to achieve the Victorian feel. You can table accents like flowers such as Emerald Rose or Bells of Ireland.

If you plan to have a more dramatic feel, add a few candles to decorate around the room. Cupcake candles are not only beautiful to look at, they also provide nice aroma to fill the entire room. The Patty Cake Cupcake Candle would be a great choice to add a little cute to your party. You can also choose other cupcake candles or decorative fake food desserts to decorate the sweets corner.

You can also take a page from the pros when it comes to using focal points to create gorgeous stand out decor.

For a complete Victorian feel, play a little music. Classical or, if you're feeling extra, go for some Celtic tunes.

If you're still up in the air with ideas, Bliss Victoria Magazine is a beautiful magazine with a ton of decorating options for Victorian and more traditional style decor. You can easily take a few ideas from the gorgeous examples they offer here.


Cupcake Candle Yellow and White - List of 29 Ways To Use Cupcake Candles

Include the Kids

Who else loves to celebrate St. Patrick’s day? The kids, of course!

This is the day they can actually enjoy a real tea party, not just a pretend one. To make your Victorian tea party extra memorable, let your kids participate. Kids will love dressing up in their best Sunday dress. Have them wear white gloves and hats to complete their look.

If you plan to include the kids, make sure to include foods that the kids will love. If you don't think cucumber sandwich will be a hit, go for the old fashioned PB&J. 

 Kids will also love cupcakes with green and white icing. You can find other kid friendly recipes here. They’ll also love  the cupcake candle decors.


How To Host A Fabulous Victorian St. Patrick's Day Tea With Cupcakes by Everything Dawn Bakery Candles


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Don’t Forget to Thank the Guests

Make sure to thank your guests for attending the tea party you’ve organized.  Send out ‘thank you’ gifts to them so they’ll remember the awesome party you organized for the special day. It could be a simple thank you card or if you want an extra special gift, you can give away cupcake candles. It will keep the memory of your tea on their minds for a long time to come.


Wrapping Things Up

So wrapping things up a bit, having a Victorian style St. Patrick's Day tea isn't so complicated. It just takes some vision and a little creativity, of which the decor plays a huge part.

By planning ahead, sending out invitations in time, creating a suitable menu, offering an array of high quality teas, setting a Victorian mood, and getting the children involved in the fun, you can accomplish an amazing tea that your guests will love.

Oh, and, don't forget to thank them with a sweet, memorable gift when the leave! Those little things make a huge impact on guests.

Our hand picked selection of tea party resources will help you to throw the most fabulous Victorian themed St. Patrick's Day Tea yet! 


What ideas do you have for a Victorian style tea for this St. Patrick's Day. Share them in the comments below for a chance to win a one year subscription to Bliss Victoria Mag. A winner will be announced on next Monday's post. 


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