Hot Cocoa Mix to Kick Back the Chill and Swiss Miss at the Same Time

Hot Cocoa Mix to Kick Back the Chill and Swiss Miss at the Same Time

The weather has started to take a turn for the chill, and that means there's no better time to ramp up the hot cocoa to warm up.

My husband likes to make sure the kids have plenty of cocoa for the winter and will be the first to run to grab something in powdered form in a package. Now while I'm not exactly knocking Ms. Miss, I one of those who likes to figure out how do make a good DIY out of food.

So that's exactly what I did.

Afro glam Cup of cocoa with marshmallows chocolate and pink red and white heart candies
Flatlay cocoa cup with chocolate marshmallows and candy hearts

Alongside my favorite peppermint mocha that rivals Starbucks, I have a stash of recipes I like to use to amp up my kids' hot cocoa. I think I secretly hope that my husband will stop buying the store bought.

Today I'm sharing my recipe for hot cocoa mix. This recipe is a good replacement for your packaged version, but it also makes more than enough for a canister (about 48 ounces), so it can be stored in one of those large mason jars.

I use my Vitamix to blend it all together because it's a powerhouse and doesn't make the chocolate chips clump in the mix (with the oils). You could use a food processor as well.

I've added mini dehydrated marshmallows to mine, which adds a little more sugar to the end product. The kids also add in Kraft mini marshmallows because the dehydrated ones disappear pretty quickly. 

Overall, this recipe makes a good creamy and chocolaty hot cocoa that I think you'll love. Side note. A good cup of hot cocoa just seems to look a whole lot more appealing in my Afro Glam Cup by Alicia Boateng Designs. ;)

On to the good stuff.


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