Easy Ideas To Motivate Spring Cleaning

Easy Ideas To Motivate Spring Cleaning

Easy Ideas To Motivate Spring Cleaning

Winter is finally coming to its end and the early signs of spring are slowly showing here. I've been slowly working on the transition from the cold and chilly feels to a warmer and brighter spring vibe. I love adding a little more brightness and pops of color to my decor this time of year.

But one of the things I truly have to motivate myself to do is spring cleaning. I love a clean house, but I completely dread the thought of doing it. 

If you can relate, here a few tips that may get you refreshed and motivated.

spring pink tulips on marble with pink linen ruffle towel
Dusty Pink Ruffle Damask Linen

Add Fresh Colors 

Winter can be drab, so the first thing to do to liven things up is start with a dash of fresh colors here and there. Remove the darker colors of the previous season and put in yellows and pinks to usher in an energetic mood. Change over dark kitchen and hand towels, runners and scarves to lighter, brighter, or pastel shades. Changing to more lighter and brighter colors is a perfect way to usher in the vibe of spring's liveliness and energy.

Method Honey Crisp Apple Cleaning spray on pink damask linen towel with cutting boards and flowers behind


Use Invigorating Aromas

Spring cleaning with invigorating aromas such as grapefruit, orange, lemon zest, and mint will give you a boost to clean. I love using Method all purpose cleaners that I order from Grove Collaborative, not only because they smell amazing, but they're plant based and Grove ships them right to my door.

This one is the All Purpose Cleaner in honey crisp apple. Ohmgosh it smells so amazing that I seriously can't stop using it. It's not too "fallish" in its aroma, but very light, crisp and refreshing. I also use the mint and grapefruit cleaners. All are quite amazing. Once you begin to smell those aromas, it may be hard to stop cleaning!


Turn on the music

Get some of your favorite tunes going while you clean and you'll see the time fly by. When I'm cleaning, I like to turn back the hands of time a little and listen to songs that remind me of a past spring or something fun. Sometimes I'll even listen to some nostalgic tunes that bring my kids in and get them involved. Before they know it, they're tidying things up too! (Old trick to get more people to clean lol.)


Plants on a rustic shelf


Place Live Plants and Fresh Flowers Around

Spring is all about new life springing out everywhere you look. You can integrate that into your home as you transition your interior with live plants. My roses and hydrangeas are just beginning to leave out, so while my garden is preparing to bloom outside, I like to grab fresh blooms to put in vases. It makes my home feel fresh and cheery. Spring flowers like iris, tulips, roses, and daffodils make beautiful bouquets this time of year.

bowl of fresh bananas figs and grapes on linen with figs surrounding

Bring Out the Fresh Fruits

You can make your home’s interior ambiance more “spring-like” if you add in some of the staples of the season. For instance, a bowl of lemons would do well on your kitchen counter or table. Fresh fruits make a perfect way to bring color to a room while also bringing the dual purpose of providing a healthy snack.


Slowly Incorporate in Spring-Themed Décor

I love the overflowing choices when it comes to spring-themed decorating. I just think of all the things that remind me of spring. With Easter coming around the corner, something as simple as adding eggs and nests to a cloche, for instance, makes an amazingly cute display. 

By the time you get all of your smells, the tunes, plants, flowers, fruits, and spring touches going, you may just find that you had a little fun cleaning and preparing for spring after all.

Tell me in the comments what you do to get through spring cleaning.

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