Create Your Own Unique Style

Create Your Own Unique Style

With all of the inspo available to us on the Internet, sometimes we lose our own style and adopt styles of those we see around us. 

In fact, you may be surprised at how many people are in constant conflict with themselves when it comes to decorating their home. Finding and holding on to our personal style, what makes our homes speak in our own, personal way isn't always straightforward with so many distractions. 

It's crazy. We can get so wrapped up in the beauty of someone else's feed that we think we're not good enough. It's just not true. We've simply lost that focus on the elements that we love and what makes what we love unique.

I'm hoping to help you change that.

One of the key ways to keep yourself focused is to truly understand what you really love. The things that we're drawn to are generally the things that keep us tied to our own style. So, like anyone else, and while you may like some of the things you see on other feeds, blogs, and decor accounts, it's what you love that makes your style different from them all.

Steps to Finding your Personal Décor Style

Let's look at some ideas to keep you focused on what you love.

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Know your Passion

If it's something that you're passionate about, it's usually something that will be an anchor for your decor.

I'm drawn to scrolls and fleur de lis art. I love carved wood pieces and dark furniture.

When farmhouse decor first came out, I loved the light and airy look of muted tones, but I always found my heartstrings being pulled by those dark woods and beautiful victorian style pieces.

Identify your Hobbies and Interests

Integrate your personality in every corner of your home. Your hobbies and interests are also a good way to gently fold in those touches of what you love. If you're obsessed with vintage pieces, give them a place to shine in your decor. If it's sports, reading, photography, or other interests, you can bring your own uniqueness to your home by including some of your work or favorite pieces in your decor.

Incorporate your Experiences and Adventures

Bring your unique experience to the table. You can use experiences and adventures that have inspired you the most. If you love the beach, mountains, or specific places, such as Florence, bring them to your home. Recreate these captivating places and adventures in the heart of your home.

My personal favorite is Tuscany. I'm always bringing elements of Tuscan decor into my home.

Take Some Online Quizzes

If you're not quite sure where to start or you don't have a clue what styles you're most interested in, you can find some online quizzes that help you discover your own style and preferences for home decoration. These online assessment tools might just spark ideas on color schemes, themes, and choices for decor.

Use an Anchor Design Piece

You could start with a single item and expand on that one “anchor” design piece. For instance, you can use a lamp, frame, or centerpiece bowl, which you are passionate about. Match the other ornaments and décor and center your other elements around this one important object as the heart of your decorating project.

Lastly, remember that you can combine several styling options and preferences and not just one. You may have a style that transitions modern with vintage or whimsical with minimalist. Being eclectic is totally acceptable so embrace it and not limit your creativity.

The bottom line is that you're not defined by what you see around you. Your decor should reflect you and those you love.

Here are a couple of incredibly inspiring accounts that I love, and they have always stayed true to their personal style. I love them because not only are they true to their style, but their personality shines through their decor so very wonderfully.

The Wonderful Whimsical Oz on Instagram

Colorful decor Door frame with art of a woman behind
Maple Creek Market on Instagram
Living room brown sofa horse painting behind
What is the first thing you'll do now to start creating your unique look?

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