Why Not Unwind With Essential Oils?

Hi everyone! It's finally Friday, a time to unwind from a week's work and, just like some may turn to caffeine to get that extra boost in the morning, some may need some a little help unwinding and relaxing. Fridays are the perfect day to begin thinking about how to unwind, after the business of the week has come to its end. So if you're one of those people who need a little hand with unwinding, essential oils may just be your go to.

Aromatherapy is the use of natural oils to enhance well-being, and through aromatherapy, brain stimulation can promote relaxation among many other benefits. In one of my previous posts, I touched a bit on how fragrance can impact your mood and why that happens. Today, I'd like to focus, specifically on essential oils.

Miracle Essential Oils has exceptional information about where essential oils come from, why they're used, how they should be used, and how silly it is not to use them. Below, is a chart that I've posted for some basic info on using essential oils to unwind. Yes, there is also the notation of what to use to clear up sinuses, but who can relax with their sinuses all stuffy, right? At any rate, there's tons of information over there, and if you click on the chart below, you'll get to see exactly what I'm referring to.

So, I encourage you to learn more about the history of essential oils as an ancient tradition of healing, stimulation, and growth. I've been using rosemary and lemon oils in my hair recipes for a few years, and as you can see from the chart below, they both work together to clear your mind. My purpose for them was to stimulate my scalp and keep it from becoming dry. There are simply so many uses for these oils. Not to mention, they create the most wonderful scent when blended together.

Essential Oil Uses

Head over to Miracle Essential Oils and learn more about which essential oils would suit your personal needs. Or check out the video below and get ideas on how you can concoct your own Friday Night Special.


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