Layer on the Scents

Layer on the Scents

Layer on the Drama

Happy Monday, everyone! Over the Easter weekend, I was mulling over all of the candles that we’ve made (now holding in stock), it felt like an accomplishment to look at the line of cupcakes and gourmet candles that we know become popular during this time of year. It was even more of an accomplishment to feel  like we’re ready for the upcoming orders.  On the other hand, I began thinking about something new for our line.  I thought about how desserts are heightened when you have a twist of certain blends like apple pie a la mode, key lime pie and cream, lemon squares and graham crackers. So that’s what I did! I created a few new dessert combos that brought some real dessert love.

Berries and cream candle by everything dawn bakery candle treats

Layered Strawberry, Cream, and Blueberry Dessert Candle


Layered Candle to Entice Your Home

I was thinking about how much more enticing and inviting layered scented candles can be. Layered candles look appealing to the eyes because they would usually come in different layers of colors with each layer bearing different scent. But these candles offer the same look and style of our regular gourmet candles with that layered combination of scents. It would be very much like what you would get if you had your own dessert plate and placed those same real dessert combinations on one plate. You scoop up a bit of apple pie and a bit of ice cream and it’s like dessert heaven!

With these, my thought was to give the idea that as the candle burns, different scents are emitted in the air such as the delicious smell of peppermint and chocolate, or chocolate, toasted marshmallows, and graham crackers (smores). So, the idea is twofold with these candles: to add any room’s aesthetic appeal and to enhance the ambience through the sweet-smelling layered scents as the candle burns.

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Cupcake Candles

When you’d like to set a romantic mood, try a raspberry and rich dark chocolate scents or if you’re thinking outside of desserts, ylang ylang and orange make a nice romantic pair. The fact is that you can set any mood in your home with layered scented candles, in any room.

Layered candles give you rich, vibrant scents without melting multiple candles to achieve the same result, saving you money.

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