Simple Talk - Uncovering Your True Fragrance Style Series

Simple Talk - Uncovering Your True Fragrance Style Series by Everything Dawn Bakery Candles

When I walk into a candle shop, which I do on occasion (just to do my routine stay in the loop with manufactured candle brands), it can be overwhelming to see (and smell) all of the scents available.

Sometimes I don't know where to even begin.

I may be drawn to the newer scents that pop up at the beginning of every season, but I quickly find myself distracted by the scents that tend to be my all time favorites. That got me thinking about how we all have scents that we like, but then there's those fabulous fragrances that we seem to be completely drawn to

It's sort of like that perfect pair of shoes or that cute top that seems to whisper our names. So after pondering a bit, I thought it would be cool do a series on identifying your candle style.

First, it's important to understand how candles can express your mood? I go into a bit of detail about that here. 

Then think about how the smell of baked cookies might make you feel a bit nostalgic, or how the aroma of a new car may make you feel a little confident.

Candles can inspire many different feelings that we may (or may not) pay attention to, but in this article, I want to specifically talk about choosing candles that are more typically picked because you just love the notes in a specific scent category.

Simple scented candle scents are the least complex. You'll like something on the fragrance wheel that's straight forward.

I'll compare it to your basic white shirt and blue jeans in your closet. They may be your staple, your go to. They're not really sophisticated, but very straight forward, quite simple, and what you see is what you get.  



Take a look at the fragrance wheel. Simple scented candles are going to fall into one of these four categories and are mainly extracts from nature, like citrus and cedar, for example. 

Most of the candle fragrances that we come across, believe it or not, are combinations of these categories. Makes sense right? You may instantly recall hints of citrus, vanilla, floral or even patchouli in your candles or perfume, like in Bath and Body Works' Black Amethyst fragrance.

Join me in a series where we'll uncover why we fall in love with those fragrances we love so much. You may find that they have some base or blends in common and you may just uncover your true fragrance style.

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