6 Last Minute Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas I Wouldn't Hesitate to Indulge In

6 Last Minute Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas I Wouldn't Hesitate to Indulge In

Valentine’s Day ideas are as unique as every couple you could find. But there's no need to panic when you can’t come up with something better than dinner and a movie. Some ideas may be more exciting and fun on February 14th, but many of them can be planned any time throughout the year.

Here are 6 Last Minute Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas I Wouldn't Hesitate to Indulge In alongside some really simple ways you can make your upcoming Valentine’s Day outing more exciting and interesting, without hours, weeks or months of excruciating planning. (I feel like I need to gasp for air after saying all of that!):

Wine glasses with a bottle of wine and red roses for Valentine's Day

Wine and Chocolate Indulgence

There's just one problem with a romantic dinner for two — who says you have to limit yourself to dinner for two? It's far more fun to share your love with the world, and what better way than to enjoy tasty treats and your favorite bottle of wine while soaking in breathtaking scenery? Outdoor chocolate and wine tasting is a great idea for either a decadent date or a weekend getaway with friends.

chocolate cupcakes on white cloth
Chocolate doesn't have to mean those boring little heart boxes. Try chocolate cupcakes for a twist!

Stress-Free Valentine’s at the Spa

Got a special someone you want to whisk away for a romantic getaway this Valentine's Day? Or maybe you're hoping to find your true love? Swim with the fishes--and then some--with these luxurious, last-minute spa vacation packages. As stated above, they come with side-by-side massages and private steam rooms. You can even find them online!


Themed Museum Trip

Most people know that a museum date can be super boring. There's nothing wrong with tradition, but you'll want to mix it up a bit.

How about going somewhere different? You don't need to plan a fancy dinner or a Broadway show to have a romantic night on the town, no matter what your age — scour your city for cafes and art galleries, instead. Make sure you get there early enough to check out some of their hidden gems — one of my favorite things is finding vintage furniture stores and quirky vintage accessory shops. I can spend hours in them!

popcorn and remote on table

Movie Night and Dinner at Home

Why spend a whole day doing something you don’t enjoy? It might be better to create your own way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This includes making your loved one the center of attention, instead of trying to fit in with everyone else. Why go out for dinner when you can prepare your meal at home and make it more romantic?


Roller Skating and Other Sports

Ice-skating and roller skating may have once been reserved for lovebirds on Valentine's Day, but now anyone can enjoy these activities — single or not! With more and more themed rinks flooding the scene, you're sure to find something that appeals to you. And let's not forget bowling!


Poetry Reading

How about channeling your inner poet and writing an original poem or letter to your partner or friend. We’re not talking about a cheesy “Roses are red, violets are blue” kind of poem here. Or anything rhyming either! Poems should tell a story with real emotion and meaning behind them. That emotion could even make you both burst into laughter.

Summing it Up

Valentine’s Day is absolutely one of the best and most anticipated events to kick off the new year. There are so many things that you can do without stressing or doing a heap of planning to enjoy it with your SO or your BFF. What fun will you engage in tonight.

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