Wow Your Guests With Easy Candle Centerpieces

Want to enhance the ambience of your home any time of the year? With a candle centerpiece, you can, particularly when you choose a scented display. A scented candle centerpiece will not only make your abode smell wonderful, it can also aid in banishing cooking and pet odors. Not to mention, a scented candle centerpiece can bring a sense of warmth and comfort to a home with its cozy flame and inviting fragrance.  

In this post, I'd like to share some great methods that will help you to create candle centerpieces that you can use to spice up your home decor. Since your own imagination and creativity are what makes your centerpiece unique, I'm not going to cloud your creativity by giving you a bunch of images to copy. I'm only going to guide you by giving some basic ideas to spark your creativity. You can do the rest. :)

Choose Various Sizes of Candles

Choose different sized candles. This makes an excellent centerpiece on the dining room table.

  • If you are thinking about saving, you can buy candles from your local dollar store.
  • Thin and tall candles are very appropriate if you want your centerpiece to sit high on your table to add dimension. On the contrary, short and wide candles make an excellent option when you want your candle centerpiece to to have a lower profile.
  • Consider the theme of your room when choosing colored candles. Treat the candles like flowers, choose colors to best complement your room.
  • Choose a scent (for scented candle centerpieces) that is pleasant to the senses. If you can't find a great scent or style to match your decor, consider having something custom made. However, you may want to stay away from scented candle centerpieces for the dinner table. The fragrance of a scented candle centerpiece may conflict with the delicious aroma of food on your table.



Opt for Candleholders to Make Your Candle Centerpiece

Candleholders come in different forms. You can go with a simple and plain glass holder or even a sleek taper or a twisted metal holder. The kind of candle that you choose should complement your particular candleholder to enhance the overall appearance of your room.

  • There are many ideas that you can opt for as far as candleholders are concerned. A rustic appeal can be achieved by hollowing out logs (a white birch makes a good choice) and make use of them to hold candles on your table.
  • Customizing your candleholders is also a great idea and this can be done easily by simply wrapping or covering them in fabrics such as tulle or lace.
  • Try using a cupcake tier and placing a variety of cupcake pillar candles on it. It will give a beautifully unique display, and it looks wonderful on a table. See my post, here, to get an idea of how bakery pillar candles can add some flavor to your table decor.

 Mochaccino Cupcake Candle


The Incorporation of Certain Details Such as Flowers and Mirrors

You will be able to achieve a one-of-a-kind type of candle centerpiece by combining it with other details such as flowers, mirrors and water. A candle centerpiece that has this kind of characteristic simply offers an intimate and a pleasing setting in your room without spending much for it.

  • Position the mirrors below or underneath the candles. This accentuates the glow of the light coming from the candle.
  • You can decorate the branches of a tree with hanging candles. This proves to be an eye-catching centerpiece.
  • Arrange various heights and sizes of candles then add cut flowers in a small glass jar. Or, you can simply lay these flowers around the candles on your table to create an attractive appeal.

Below, you'll find a simple centerpiece that I put together for my powder room. This was simply a boat shaped wooden bowl that I picked up from Wal-Mart for about $5. I made a rustic pillar candle scented with Asian Spice, and placed it in the bowl with some potpourri around it. Voila! It's a very simple, decorative display that smells wonderful whenever you open the door.

Powder Room Candle Centerpiece


You can enhance the atmosphere of your home and enjoy the rewards of DIY by making and incorporating candle centerpieces. 


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