Bakery Candles and Autumn in the Air

Bakery Candles and Autumn in the Air

Brown leaves curling in a crackling fire, a waft of hot apple cider, and of course perfect pumpkins! Fall fragrances are everywhere!


The delicious tastes and scent of the fall season have become so popular that I can buy a ‘pumpkin spice’ you-name-it on practically every street corner, but there’s a lot more to enjoy than just pumpkin.

The consolation prize for attending my brother’s football practices was often the little paper bags of popcorn sold at the concession. What better way to warm little fingers? Pop a few Buttery Popcorn Wax Tart Candles Melts in your wax warmer to recreate those memories. As light faded from the sky earlier every evening, Mom had to come up with tempting treats to settle us kids down for earlier bedtimes. Nothing worked as well as a fresh baked autumn apple pie. Decorate your kitchen with the gorgeous Fake Lattice Crust Apple Pie in Apple Pie Scent, and indulge in this delicious ‘treat’ without the hard work of peeling all those apples!


Fall is also a wonderful time for snuggling by a fire and indulging in sweet, hot drinks: Hot Toddies, Hot Chocolate, Ginger Tea… so many choices. I confess that the only reason I drink hot chocolate is to have an excuse to eat marshmallows. Our Toasted Marshmallow Gourmet Jar Candle comes pretty close to evoking the sticky goodness I remember so well. For a more sophisticated palate, the Pomegranate Cider Gourmet Jar Candle is not only beautiful to look at, but will also kiss your space with cinnamon, clove, anise, and orange scents.

 Autumn crops of squash, root vegetables, sweet apples, and, of course, corn, fill the grocery store shelves with color and the promise of comforting foods throughout the colder months ahead. Adjust your décor accordingly with the Cornbread Muffins Kitchen Basket - holding kitchen spray, wax tarts, and a gorgeous cornbread muffins candle, this special collection of products makes a beautiful Thanksgiving hostess gift, that will be remembered long after the last piece of pie has disappeared.


Dainty Dessert Mason Jar Candles in fragrances like Raisin Bread and Buttercream, or Sweet Potato Pie add lovely little touches of light and scent around the house, or as last minute gifts for unexpected visitors, and create the feeling of a cozy kitchen in any space.

 As you are packing away your flip-flops and sunglasses, and trying on your favorite sweaters and most comfortable boots, enjoy the changing colors and depthful fragrances of fall.

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