4 Simple Reasons These Adorable Cupcake Candles Are Free

4 Simple Reasons These Adorable Cupcake Candles Are Free

Giveaway Time!

Hi, everyone! It's another fabulous Friday, and I hope you're doing well. It's been a very busy pre-launch week as we've been getting together lots of sneak peeks of our brand new autumn line. So, I thought, it'd be a good idea to do something fun. I have four cupcakes from our Classic Collection that I'd like to give away for four simple reasons.

It's Pre-Launch Time

In celebration of our new autumn line, a giveaway of these classic little guys is sort of worthy. We're excited and we want you to be excited too!

They're Best Sellers

Cupcake candles are best sellers in our shop. There's definitely a reason for that, but in the scope of everything, we thought it would be really cool to give away something that so many of our customers love.

They Make Great Gifts

If you don't want to keep all four cupcakes for yourself, cupcake candles are sooo easy to gift. Everyone loves cupcakes, right?

They Make the World a Better Place

If you've never heard the adage, "Cupcakes make the world a better place," then you're probably not a cupcake lover. No worries. We're putting a twist on that saying and applying it to our cupcake candles, hoping to change the world (and turn you into a cupcake lover) one cupcake candle at a time.

With all of that, sign up, by clicking the "win" icon to the right, to enter giveaway for your chance to win four randomly selected scented cupcake candles.


 This Giveaway is over and the winner has been emailed. Check your email. :)

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Hi there! Did you post the winner for this giveaway? I can’t find it anywhere and the little “Win” box is gone now.. Thanks! :)

Kimberly Matthews

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