How to Combat Stinky Dorm Odors

In a few weeks’ time, dorms will be filled up with enthusiastic and anxious students. Well, during these days, students are known to be very active, and with activity, you can surely expect for those rooms to overflow with an array of unpleasant odors such as dirty clothes, perspiration, unclean fridges and the musty/mildew smell that can linger throughout a dorm.

This is especially true when you're in a dorm with rooms that are way too small. There are times when a single room can accommodate about two to four individuals and, let's face it, college students don't exactly do their laundry on a regular basis.

This alone can create an ambiance that can create an absolutely odorous environment. As a matter of fact, you may just describe this condition as a haze that simply fills the air. If this is a huge concern for the upcoming opening of classes, then how can you avoid the nasty smell that inevitably develops in your dorm? I'll tell you how, odor absorbents and scent diffusers.

 First, it's important to try to eliminate the odors. Deodorizing a room is not the same as adding fragrance, and for the best results, it's important to take care of absorbing odors that you can't quite control before emitting fragrance to mask those odors. In the infographic, below, I'd like to share some easy ways to eliminate orders in the dorm room. I'll also give you some really easy ways to add fresh scent to your dorm room so that won't be overpowering or offensive to roommates.



I was quite surprised to have found an article on Fox News that addressed the topic of eliminating body odor for good. Also, there's another tip on fighting pet odors in small spaces that I found over there. The "Cat Box" section is more towards cats and litter boxes, but it's certainly applicable for people too. You can read some of those tips here. At any rate, once you've tackled the odor absorbing part, you'll want to add pleasant scent to help combat those vicious odors (combat and not mask). This can safely be done through aroma diffusers. Look at how.

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Introducing Aroma Diffusers to Your Dorm

Theoretically, the burning of candles (even the scented ones) is banned in most dormitories. While this seems to be true, many students resort into using plug-ins that emit fragrance to the room. Unfortunately, plug-ins can cause headaches to those who inhale them. With these two realities, the use of aroma diffusers has truly become a very popular option. Aroma diffusers come in many different styles and of these styles wax dipped bears and mini scented pies are just two. Other great options include electric warmed wax melts and reed diffusers (another one of the best examples of odor diffusers).


Mini Pies for Your Dorm Room

Is it surprising to know that dorm scents now come in the form of mini pies? Well, the use of these pies is a discreet (and cute) way to arrest or cover the existing foul smells inside a dorm. In fact, this makes a more civilized way of stopping the odor in your room without embarrassing your roommates. Simply place, these pies anywhere inside the room and you're good to go – it's not just an effective way to combat odors, it's hassle-free day in and day out!

While the laundry monster may be at his most vicious in the dormitory, it doesn't mean that you have to put up with stinky odors while waiting to get the laundry done. Through proper odor absorption and use of aroma diffusers, you'll be on your way to pleasant aromas into your room in no time.




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