Why Candle Fundraisers Make More Money

Thinking of raising funds for a special event or group? Candles make excellent fundraisers. Why? Well, simply because candles are just as popular as cookies and cakes. The fact is, candles make  very successful fundraisers for just about any cause. Candle fundraisers are very appealing to most buyers, and they're a great way to capture many donations. Candle popularity can make your fundraiser event very profitable for just about any given cause.

Candles make excellent church fundraisers because they're not as hard to sell as food items that some people may not want to buy due to food allergies, or simply not liking the selections. Candles; however, come in so many fragrances that they give options for more buyers, and they're easy to give as gifts! Not to mention, when selling candles for fundraisers, you'll likely sell more items because candles are economical and useful.

Our candle fundraisers are not only affordable, but they allow you to make more money. Each price is already set, and you make your decision on what you want to charge for each candle. Soy cupcake candles will give a great scent throw, and they will also burn cleaner and longer than your more traditional paraffin candle. Soy candles are my personal recommendation for fundraiser events because many people are opting for more eco friendly options.

When choosing candles to sell at a fundraiser, there is also the consideration of size. We sell a variety of candle sizes that will give you options. Many times, the smaller candles will sell more than the larger candles because they're suitable for most everyone. When selling smaller candles, buyers also tend to purchase more because they think of others who may enjoy the smaller candle as a gift. The more compact the candle, the better the candle seems to attract the customer. Our two ounce gourmet jars are the perfect option when you want to sell something small, cupcakes even work well.

Whatever candle you choose for your fundraiser, it's sure to be a hit. Candles are loved by a great number of people, particularly scented candles. In fact, the more appealing a candle looks, the better a candle will sell. It's amazing how many candle fundraisers have taken off and surprised their hosts. Candle fundraisers are winners, any time of the year, and they'll definitely provide huge success with many donations.

There are certainly many other fundraisers that you can choose from, and all will give you varied results. So, when choosing your next fundraiser, think about what's popular, what people will use, and what people will want to share with others. The more people share, the more successful your fundraiser will be!

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