Pre Fall 15 Minute Live Instagram Sale

Pre Fall 15 Minute Live Instagram Sale

Hey, everyone! I wanted to catch you early this morning to let you know about our super quick 15 minute flash sale. 

The sale will be happening on Instagram, and we'll be showing a sneak peek to all of our VIP members, so don't forget to sign up if you want to get a peek before the sale starts.

I will tell you that we will have some items in this sale that only exist in this sale.

Since this sale is only 15 minutes, we'll have a special offer for all of you who join us live. If you can't make it, no worries. We'll still have a little something for you. Just take a look at the live video to see what that is.

And please, please share this with your friends. Pin it, tweet it, snap it, flap jack it, you get the point. When you share, it helps us to get out there just a little more. (And we super appreciate it!)

Ok so now for the deets. Join us here at 11 am and tap on my profile pic to join/see the video. See ya!

live instagram sale at everything dawn bakery candles @everythingdawn

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