12 Days Of (A Fakery) Christmas

12 Days Of (A Fakery) Christmas

12 Days of Christmas by Everything Dawn Bakery Candles

Hello, everyone, and happy December!

It's officially time to have all of that Christmas decorating done, but if you're still plugging around trying to get ideas, there are tons of articles and how to videos filled with ideas for decorating this holiday season. Here's a recap of our top holiday decorating post from last year, and even better, a list of some of our very own favorite holiday decorating go tos.

(A little something old and a little something new, right?)

Here's the list from top to bottom and left to right.

1. Finding Your True Bakery Candle Joy
2. Christmas Treats Under $20 Even Santa Can't Pass Up 
3. Christmas Display Shelf Kitchen
4. I'm Dreaming of a Blonde Christmas (My personal favorite!)
5.Simple Tips To Get The Most Of Your Holiday Candle Burning

Our Pinterest board is another place where we've compiled more of our favorite looks for the season. Please stop by and check those out.

So, now to the 12 Days of Christmas.

If you're still peeking around for the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffers, this Friday we'll be starting our 12 Days of Christmas. We'll highlight a different product and deal every day for 12 days. So, please come back to see the goods. All of them are premade and ready to ship for quick delivery.

The cool thing about this is that some of these highlights will include limited edition items that you've never seen in the shop. Limited edition means first come first serve so when they're gone, they won't be restocked.

If you want immediate notification when these deals release, get signed up for our VIP Club here.

Just one more thing.

Secret Santa is still happening. We're selecting one customer per week to receive a secret Everything Dawn gift. It's the most wonderful time of the year, guys, so keep checking your mailboxes. You never know if you're the next winner of a hand designed fakery treat!

Check back for more holiday goodies.

Keep it sweet!


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