Cupcake Creation Classes and a Giveaway

Cupcake Creation Classes and a Giveaway

Hi, everyone! I hope your Mother's Day weekend was a great one. My husband and my girls came up with a plan to create a special dinner, and the girls did an amazing job cooking and putting it all together for me. It was truly a relaxing and special day. 

On another note, I wanted to remind everyone of the classes that we offer to make easy dessert candles. It's a bit more than just a tutorial, as I believe that if you're going to do something, you should at least know what you're doing. So, the tutorial has some nice info on the things that you need, what they're used for in the candle making process, as well as the terminology that you'll need to understand to make pretty much any candle. So if you're interested in learning more on how to create your own dessert candles, you can sign up for the free version here. The free version will give you most of the info that I just described, but should you like that and want to continue with actual designing, recipes, and my list of resources, you can go straight from the free to the paid version.

I've also been working on our new melts and just added some red velvet mini melts to the list. Courtney created these little guys for our newest display at Mansion Chic and I fell completely in love with them.

Red Velvet Cake Mini Wax Melts

We're also having another giveaway. This time, we're giving $30 in scented wax for the winner to explore and fall in love with. If you'd like to enter, you can do so on our home page at the bottom. Just click on the "win" button down there. If you want to know who won last month's giveaway, check out our giveaway page.

Do you love giveaways? Join us on our Facebook Group where we give things away and get to know one another better. See you there!


Cheryl, you can sign up at the bottom of the home page. It will say “WIN” A Mystery Wax Box. Just click on it and sign up there.:)

Dawn Mayo

I want to win…how do I sign up?

cheryl boyer

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