10 of the Most Useful Last Minute Unisex Christmas Gifts

10 of the Most Useful Last Minute Unisex Christmas Gifts

Hey friends! I have 10 of the Most Useful Last Minute Unisex Christmas Gifts to help get that shopping done. It's nine days until Christmas and only 8 shopping days. Since this has been just about the most challenging year for the entire world, I've put together a little gift list of items that you may still be able to get by Christmas. But don't sit around on your tush. Time's a waistin'. So here they are!

Just for formality's sake, some of the links in this post are links that I receive a small payment for. However, any opinions about them are my own. 

Eleni's Cookies

Hand baked in NYC, these cookies will melt in your mouth and leave it with a divine taste that will make you want more. These cookies are just plain delish, making them a great gift for just about anyone with a sweet tooth.


Eleni Cookies on crystal cake stand surrounded by white peonies and linens

truShiatsu PRO Foot Massager Machine

Perfect for just about anyone. These massagers are soooo good on the feet when you've had a long day standing or just want a little pampering.

Laderach Chocolatier Suisse

Laderach Swiss chocolate is so good that we couldn't help but order a big box just for ourselves. It makes a wonderful gift for any chocolate lover. There are so many varieties of chocolate and every single one has been just delicious! If you don't want to buy it as a gift, at least get one for yourself. You won't regret it.


 laderach chocolate

Redesigned Spoons

Hand stamped by my sweet friend, Cindy, these vintage spoons are just the cutest to add to your coffee, cocoa or tea bar. She even does custom designs. It may be just a bit late for them, but there are plenty to choose from that are just as appropriate as gifts. Don't you just love mine?!
Vintage spoons stamped

Monogrammed Anna Snap Binder & Planner by Franklin Planner

I've used these planners for years and absolutely LOVE them. They help me to keep focused on my goals while achieving them in small steps throughout the year. My phone reminders are nice, but these planners definitely help to keep my priorities in order. The Anna Snap Binder is made of genuine leather and makes an amazing gift for anyone who wants to get their goals in order.


Franklin planner binder and accessories

The Gift of Amazon Prime

This always makes a great gift. Not only do you get free 2 day shipping, but you also get access to other perks and discounts. Even if your "person" already has Prime, you can give them the gift of an extension on their current subscription. And for a limited time, Prime is 50% off!

Marabette Teas

Marabette teas are flavorful, hand blended teas that will seriously make your palate happy. A few of these blends would be a perfect addition to a basket or given with a cute handmade mug.
marabette tea leaves spilled from opened packaging onto white linens



Handmade Mugs by Moobear & Co.

Perfect accompaniment to Marabette Co Loose Leaf Teas. These mugs are also perfect for the book lover in your life. There are a variety of mugs designed to humor avid readers as well as those who may only pick up an occasional read.


White Mug with Bookish phrase


Everything Dawn Gift Card

The gift of faux food decor gives your "person" the ability to choose their own favorite faux cake or decorative that suits their home and style. Nothing like a unique item to showcase. It's something they'll remember for years to come.

Illy Coffee

Why? Because Illy has such a delicious and smooth Italian coffee that your "person" will fall in love and feel compelled to get more. While you're at it, why not get them a subscription?


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