Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats Fake Bread Country Biscuits Farmhouse Fake Food
Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats Fake Bread Country Biscuits Farmhouse Fake Food
Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats Fake Bread Country Biscuits Farmhouse Fake Food
Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats Fake Bread Country Biscuits Farmhouse Fake Food
Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats Fake Bread Country Biscuits Farmhouse Fake Food

Country Biscuits Farmhouse Fake Food

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 Country Biscuits Farmhouse Fake Food

Nothing says "Welcome to the South" more than fresh from the oven biscuits. That means if you want to bring that warm, down home feeling to your kitchen, you either have to bake 'em or fake 'em. So we blobbed together some clay and did a bit of sculpting to come up with some oven faked biscuits that'll make Aunt Sally tip her glasses.

There's something baking...not!

You won't be able to convince your guests that you haven't been baking. That's because we cleverly dusted these biscuits in some of our southernly put together biscuit fragrance to create that same feeling that Aunt Sally's house has. You know, that inviting warm "at home feeling".

And just when they thought your farmhouse decor was the same old plain stuff...

They check out that basket (or platter) of freshly faked biscuits you sat on your table. It's far from anything they've seen. You've got biscuits and they don't. The struggle has just become real. 

So what do you have that they don't?

  • 6 seriously realistic 3 - 3.5 inch fake biscuits
  • authentic baked bread scent reminiscent of freshly baked biscuits in the oven
  •  table decor that makes people talk

Take a look at a couple of customer pics and how these are being used. One customer even has grungy, primitive style biscuits!

Customer Photo of Everything Dawn Fake Biscuits table display

Customer pic of Everything Dawn Bakery Candles' fake biscuits in a bowl

We also make unscented fake biscuits for those of you who have small children you don't feed or curious pets. We wouldn't want them thinking they can nibble on these.


~~~~~~~~ Love The Farmhouse Kitchen Style?~~~~~~~~

Then you're gonna love how these biscuits add that special touch of 'Come on into my home' to your kitchen. Old fashioned buttery, fluffy biscuits are a farmhouse staple, making them a statement piece on the table. Try using them:


  • in a rustic basket lined with dark tan muslin cloth 
  • in an iron skillet with your favorite color homespun
  • on a wooden or galvanized metal tray on top of a white linen kitchen towel

  Want them in singles? See here.


The Wonderful World of Fake Baked Food Props


❤ Each hand crafted fake biscuit is crafted:

  • Using our special blobs of formulated fake food prop clay
  • Using premium (fancy for top of the line) phthlalate free fragrance
  • To look super authentic enough to do a double take

❤ Our formulated blobs of clay:

  • make a long lasting, prop that will last for years
  • are toxic free
  • maintain the lifelike color of the food props we make


Want to see more ways to use fake food props? Check out our blog post.


~~~~~~~~~~~~EVEN MORE~~~~~~~~~~~


We love the art of what we do. That means your beautiful biscuits will be:

❤ Designed and packaged like we love you (because we do)

❤ Shipped securely, but in super delightful packaging (just the way it should be)

❤ So beautiful, you may just find yourself hugging the package



❤ They inspire your space. Fake food props bring life to your kitchen and dining area by:

  • evoking the warm and welcoming feelings of home
  • adding a unique and in depth touch to themes
  • sparking conversation

❤ You experience the warmth of comforting aromas that are uniquely hand crafted.


~~~ It's True!~~~~~

We guarantee you'll love your fake biscuits or they're on us!




Q. How long does it take to arrive?

A. We start working on your order as soon as it pops into our Fakery queue, but it takes about 14 days. Oftentimes less (when it's pecan pie season), but good things take time.

Q. Do they come with the skillet?

A. No. They're biscuits only because some folks like their biscuits in baskets and on trays so we didn't want to offend anyone.

Q. How long does the scent last, and can they be rescented?

A. We've seen biscuits and pies carry scent for about six months, but if that scent fades, you can refresh them with these


Now what will it be? Add country fake biscuits to your cart. 


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    They'll never forget the amazing smell and the warming charm of your kitchen when you add authentic biscuits to your table decor. Without a doubt, you'll have guests talking about your biscuits for a long time to come! See for yourself.