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Fake it...Don't bake it!

Don't you just love those sweet, rich aromas that reach out and grab you the moment you walk into a bakery? 

Better yet...that, "OMG what are you baking" feeling you get when you walk smack into the home of that one friend who just seems to always have time to bake stuff up.

Those aromas of pure love just smack you in the face (and might even make you feel a bit guilty that you don't bake). 

Reality is...

There's something about the aroma and the visual appeal of dessert that can make any house feel more like home.

But we realize that not everyone has the time to string on a cute little 'Best Buns In Town' apron and toss around a bowl of flour, sugar, and eggs. Hey - not to mention, the real fresh baked stuff would either be destroyed by dessert mongers, compromising it's natural beauty, or by the time it sat out for awhile, become invaded by greenish, hairy Bacto people and smell like something you wouldn't want to have near your house, let alone on your table.

So that's where we come in.

Hand crafted fake food props and luscious scented bakery candles that spruce up your home to make it feel warm, cozy, and oh so welcoming. 

It's simple... Staging.

Just imagine the aroma of rich vanilla, buttery cakes and pastries with hints of spicy cinnamon drifting through your air.

Only, that authentic fresh baked fragrance is a scented candle.

But now let's get more visual. Now picture this...

  • A freshly baked loaf of bread on a wooden bread board placed on the counter top.
  • A creamy banana cream pie cooling on a bamboo trivet.
  • A gingham lined basket of sweet corn muffins on the table


banana cream pie on wood

 See this fake banana cream pie taking it's place on a very rusticly used (okay abused) cutting board? This board was repurposed just for this sweet looking fake pie.


Why bake it when you can fake it?

You probably think of kitchen decor as pretty fixtures and back splashes, or some sort of custom built pie safe and gorgeous wooden cabinets. Sure those things are really cool, but those things will only get your visitors to say,

"Nice cabinets," or "That backsplash is pretty."

But think of the possibilities.

Everyone who visits you sees that slice of fake apple pie on your table. They glance and look away. Next thing you know, they've kicked off their shoes, relaxed back in their seat and now, glaring over at your fake pie with their mouths open, they say, 

"Wow! That pie looks amazing. When did you have time to bake?"

Now we're talking! That's when you know you've created that special homey feeling. That hand crafted, detailed fake food gimme some love feeling.

And that's why you you're here:

To find your perfect house warming, uniquely hand crafted, farmhouse fake dessert prop or bakery scented candle

To bring the aura of luxury, warmth and pure delight to your atmosphere. 

To make your house feel more like home.


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