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For thousands of years, candles have illuminated the world, first as one of the main sources of lighting and now as decorative features. Scented candles entered the scene centuries ago and evolved to become standard household staples. Candles, including floral, earthy, minty, and even bakery scented variations are very popular in every corner of the globe. These items have numerous features that made fragrant candles a must-have home décor and multi-purpose household piece.




When was scented candle invented?

In order to understand the importance and role of scented types of candles, it is imperative to know where these items come from. You may think that fragrant candles have only recently surged in popularity. However, these household staples were already around for years. Here is a chronological account on the origin and evolution of scented candles:


A.D. 200 – Birth of the Scented Candle Variant

The history of scented candles could be dated as early as 200 AD. This variation came into existence almost 2,000 years ago in the European region. This is roughly around the same time frame when the original unscented variation was likewise created and invented.

The original version emits a harsh odor from the oil-burning candle. To get rid of the odor, Western Europeans blend essential oils with tallow oil. Tallow oil is a highly flammable ingredient that is used to produce the first versions of candles. Floral-scented oils are used to produce candles, and this variant induces mood improvement. This variant also becomes the first ever aromatherapy candle.


Colonial Times – Scented Candles in the Americas

From its origin in the European regions, the fragrant candle variation has also reached Colonial America. This type of candle began and popularized in the west when people started making wax using sweet-smelling bayberries through boiling the ingredients. This process of making naturally scented candles was very laborious. A new method of candle making was introduced which eliminated the use of animal fats in manufacturing wax.


1834 – Candle Production Skyrocketed

A significant milestone took place during this year when Joseph Morgan, an inventor, created patented technology. This marked the beginning of the economical and bulk production of molded unscented candles. The boost in the candle production is the path that opened accessibility to candles in every household. Furthermore, mechanical candle making also took place which allows the production of scented variants. Mass production of scented candles made this variant available to homes everywhere.


1990s – A Comeback for Scented & Unscented Candles

The discovery of electricity and invention of electric bulbs dramatically affected the use and popularity of candles around the world. Nevertheless, the 1990s ushered in a new age, especially for scented, decorative candles. Fragrant candles reentered the pop culture with the invention of new waxes such as soybean wax which produces cleaner burning effects. Soy candles are high grade scented variants which could be found in most luxury boutiques as well as specialty retail shops.


2002 – Wickless Scented Candles Debuted

The invention of wickless candles introduced candle warmers. This feature allows the release of scent from a standard fragrant candle without any open flames burning. It is the function of the candle warmer to produce heat that would release the fragrance to diffuse in the air. This type of candles is ideal for homes with pets or children around due to its safety feature.


Scented Candles Today

The scented variant of candles has come a very long way since its debut in history. Candles may no longer be the major source of light today, however, their popularity and use is never dwindling. Scented candles have become symbols of celebration, ceremony, romance and tools for alternative treatments to soothe the senses. They have also become a remarkable accent to every home while infusing fragrance anywhere they are lighted.


Different Styles and Varieties of Scented Candles

Scented Bakery Style Cupcake Candles

Mixing fragrance to  formulate a candle is commonplace, especially in the United States. In the U.S., 70% to 80% of candles are scented, and candle manufacturers are even collaborating with fragrance companies in order to come up with new and better scented formulations for their products. Modern scented candles not only offer quality scents, but must burn safely and properly.

There are different types and varieties of candles with scent vary depending on their usage and fragrance. Here is a list of the main candle styles popular in the market today:


  • Votive – These are originally created as unscented, white candles with free standing design. Votive candles are basically used for religious ceremonies.
  • Tea-Light – With very small cylindrical features, this type of candle features polycarbonate or aluminum holders.
  • Container Candles – These are commonly used for home accents and decorations. Most container or jar candle variants are inside a special glass, pottery or tan and are typically highly scented.
  • Novelty – There are various designs for this variation including faceted candles and globe candles. Those for special occasions showcase various characters, such as Christmas Trees, Pyramid Candles, Bunny Rabbits, Turkey, Pumpkins, and so much more.


Fragrance Varieties

Various Types of Fragrance

Scented candles could be categorized according to their fragrance types. You can find hundreds of available fragrances for scented types of candles in the market to match your preferences and style. Here are some of the selections to choose from:


  • Bakery Scented Candles – Indulge in mouth-watering fragrances fresh from the bakery. Bakery scented fragrances allow you to visualize delectable sweets and others without the edible part. There are creamy frostings, homemade carrot cakes, blueberry muffins, strawberry tarts, and so much more.
  • Beverage Scents – If there are sweets and pastries, there are definitely your favorite drinks. Candles are blended with aromatic beverage scents with the inspiration of your favorite soda drinks and liquor.
  • Aromatherapy Scents – Set the mood and experience the most soothing, energizing fragrances from the finest ingredients. Herbs and spices are common formulations in this category, including basil, lavender, eucalyptus, spearmint, chamomile, bergamot, vanilla, and many others.
  • Floral Scents – One of the first ever scented candles are infused with floral essential oils. Nowadays, fragrant candles have overflowing floral scent selections from hydrangea to hyacinth to the most popular roses.


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Scented Candle Costs

The pricing and cost of scented candles may vary from one creator to another. There are simple, fragrant candles with price as low as $0.99 and other luxury and high end pieces with price tags worth thousands of dollars. Most of the more expensive types of candles are basically with elaborate and decorative candle holders made from top quality materials.

The best thing about shopping for scented candles online is that you get to find great discounts on items offered with markdown prices.


Decorative Uses of Scented Candles

Caramelized Crimson Pear Candle


Fragrant candles have evolved from being ordinary major light sources to becoming decorative pieces. The popularity of scented candles could be attributed to its aesthetic features. Boost the ambiance and look of your home in an instance with decorative, carved, and ornamental candles. Scented variants are also perfect for decorative purposes during special occasions as well as in business establishments.

Take a look at some of the perks and benefits you can enjoy with the help of the decorative features of today’s scented candles:


A Great Centerpiece

Candles with scented features are dramatic centerpieces anywhere in your home. These are simple yet elegant accents you can place on your table in any corners of your home. Scented candles are both functional and aesthetically enhancing.


Candles For Special Occasion Decorations

Weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, and many other special occasions are made even more special with the right décor accents. Add a dash of sophistication while infusing your fragrance of choice with today’s beautiful scented candle collections.



Fragrant candles are becoming popular accessories used in interior designs for businesses. Spa and health clubs are the first in line for businesses that use scented candles particularly for aromatherapy sessions. However, other establishments such as restaurants and the likes also use candles with scented features for a romantic and soothing ambiance.


Candles For Special Occasion Decorations and Seasons

Candles are scented for each season, and they come in amazing colors to reflect the time of year. Spring brings lovely pastels with scents such as strawberry, clean cotton, fresh cut grass, and lilies. Summer brings beautiful bright colors, such as yellows and oranges with refreshing fragrances like mango, blackberry, honeysuckle, beaches and suntan lotion. Fall brings rich  colors in browns, burnt oranges, deep reds, and dark purples with rich and earthy fragrances like pumpkin pie, fireside, cinnamon, and patchouli. Winter is the time for cool and refreshing fragrances in blues, whites, reds, silver and gold bringing aromas of mints, eucalyptus, pine, more cinnamon, and sweet sensations like chocolate, sugar cookies, gingerbread, and fresh citrus.


Scented Candle Materials

Scented candles may vary in their composition. There are many different styles and methods of candlemaking that enable crafters in the trade to become very artistic. Waxes can be very versatile, yet they can also require additives to help them achieve the crafter's desire results.

Scented candles can be made with many different types of wax, the most popular of waxes being paraffin wax, soy wax, and beeswax. With each type of wax, additives can be helpful in transforming a softer wax type to a harder wax type, assisting it in maintaining its color, and even making it smoother or more pliable. These materials make it possible to create the wide variety of designs in an even wider variety of bakery scents.


Handmade Candles vs. Manufactured Candles

Scented Container Candles


There is not much difference between handmade and machine manufactured scented candles. Nowadays, many commercial candles with scented features have natural and high quality scents for their products. However, if you want to make a clear distinction between the two, here are some points you need to know:


Handmade Candles


  • More personalized, hand unique-crafted pieces are available.
  • Wide range of fragrances you can personally pick for your customized candles.
  • Longer turnaround period, especially for high volumes of order.
  • Better quality as well as niche fragrances.


Manufactured Candles


  • Mass production could cater to a higher volume of orders.
  • Impersonal production and pieces generally look the same.
  • Short turnaround period, even with bigger bulks of order.
  • Quality is at times not monitored, especially for larger orders since most factories tend to comply with their production quota.


You can choose between handmade and manufactured candles, depending on your purpose and goal. For retail businesses, mass production of candles is more viable than going for handmade pieces that would take longer to produce, unless you operate a small shop or boutique. If you want something more personalized and specially crafted, handmade scented candles are definitely your best choice.




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