Why Burning Candles Properly Affects Your Experience

Why Burning Candles Properly Affects Your Experience

It's that time of year when we're all lighting our favorite fall candles. But not all candles give you the best burn experience. It's true. Some candles won't throw well, while others seem to give us tremendous kick.

Well there's good news.

Some of the blame is how we actually burn our candles, and today I'm sharing some tips to help you get a better burn experience.

Colonial Candle pumpkin shortbread scent burning on counter with greenery behind

I'm burning a Colonial Candle Pumpkin Shortbread double wick candle as my example. This candle has a strong scent throw with a rich base of vanilla. So that simply means that when it's burned off the top notes (pumpkin and sweet cinnamon sugar) and the middle notes (caramely aromas with some senses of creme brulee) then you'll get to that rich, amazing aroma of buttery shortbread cookies loaded with vanilla.

Since, my candle has a scent throw that easily fills a large room, I try to maximize my scent experience by following a a few simple tips to make sure my candle creates a nice and even wax pool that gives me the best throw. You can view those here.

My Colonial Candles have a cotton wick and they give a pretty clean burn. If you're seeing black smoke when you light your candle, that's not a good sign. Here's why that happens and some ways to deal with that.

Over all, when I'm searching for the perfect candle for any given space in my home, I generally follow simple rules and answer a few questions to determine which candle best fits the purpose

So following these tips will help your candle scent throw and give you a maximum burn time. 

Have you tried any of these tips? How have they worked for you?

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