Smashing Peach Jam Recipe

Smashing Peach Jam Recipe

Welcome to part two of my mini series, 'How I Jam.' Last week I showed you my easy blueberry jam recipe, including how to prep your jars to store it for the winter. So if you're looking to store jam for the upcoming colder months, you may want to see my jar prep tips in that post. 

In this part, I'm going to show you how I make some of the easiest (and the best) peach jam.

What I like about making this jam is that it tastes insanely better than your store bought jam. You know exactly what's in it, and it's fun to make with kids!

This jam packs a lot of flavor that make your taste buds dance. Beautiful spices kick this peach jam up a bit, not spicy hot, but definitely flavorful. So if you're not into spices, you can opt to leave them out.

Peach Jam with bread on cotton cloth

Peach Jam on marble cutting board with bread and flowers behind

Ingredients For Smashing Peach Jam

6 quarts fresh peaches

1.5 packages pectin (1.75 oz sized box)

6 cups raw sugar

1 whole Star Anise

2 tsp Cinnamon

1 tsp Ginger

1/4 cup lemon juice

Smashing Peach Jam Directions

Wash, peel and chop peaches. 

Place chopped peaches with sugar into a large pot and mash (or blend peaches in a blender if you want a smoother jam).

Turn heat on medium and cook to a simmer. Simmer until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Add cinnamon, ginger and stir.

Add star anise and allow to simmer for two minutes, then remove.

Add pectin and lemon juice and cook for another two to three minutes. The pectin should be completely dissolved.

Stir well, ladle into warm jars and cool for at least 12 hours or overnight. (This will give the pectin enough time to properly set the jam.)

Let me know what you think about this recipe by leaving a comment below. Also be sure to take pics and tag @everythingdawn on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I'd love to see.

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