Look For More Amazing Candle Treats Coming This Holiday

Look For More Amazing Candle Treats Coming This Holiday

This week it’s been all about putting the final touches on our holiday project. You’ll see some really interesting bakery candle treats coming in the holiday line. Each piece of this product line is going to bring a unique element that, when it all comes together, will create something special.

Look out for amazing versions of treats you loved as a child, as well as those you may see every day. Whether you enjoyed them as treats in times past or you still enjoy them from time to time, we’re looking to bring a sweet nostalgic feeling your way.


Here are some things you can expect from our newest product line:

Variety – there’s a little something for everyone.

Unique – look forward to some really cool gifts that will be unlike anything you’ve given before.

Cozy – there’s going to be an element of sweet comfort here.

Fun – prepare to have loads of fun as you experience the sweets a whole new way.


Join us for more fun on Facebook all next week as we bring more prizes and games to prepare for the big launch day. I’m curious. What was YOUR favorite childhood treat?

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