Ideas To Create a Simple But Beautiful Valentine's Day Chocolate Bar

Ideas To Create a Simple But Beautiful Valentine's Day Chocolate Bar

Valentine’s Day is just days away now, so if you haven’t decided on those treats, I’ve come up with a few treat suggestions to create a cute chocolate bar that everyone will enjoy.

Flowers are always a beautiful way to dress up a table and add a bit of femininity. I prefer tons of them, but keeping it simple, one large vase or a few smaller vases of flowers will dress up a table very nicely.

Chocolate bar with pin roses, pie and chocolates on table

Chocolate is always a favorite for Valentine’s Day. One of my sons doesn’t like chocolate so we always have white chocolate options on our dessert table as well.

Chocolate cupcakes on table with pink flowers

Cake, petite fours, and an all time favorite, cupcakes, make beautiful and simple additions to a Valentine’s Day chocolate bar

homemade pecan turtles and shortbread on silver serving tray

The addition of pecan turtles is a favorite of ours. I made homemade caramel and added pecans and chocolate to create these. They’re always a hit for the chocolate lover. We also added some fun chocolate dipped shortbread cookies for a different texture.

homemade fudge on crystal cake stand with chocolate dipped strawberries

Fudge isn’t just for Christmas, and it’s easy to make. Be sure to give it a good chill time before cutting and you’ll end up with chocolate perfection. I surrounded these with chocolate dipped strawberries to add color. You can't go wrong with dipped strawberries.

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Chocolate cream pie! Oh my gosh if it’s not the best thing. And it has to be in a delicious, flaky crust. Makes a perfect addition to the dessert table for a celebration of chocolate and love.

chocolate pie with whipped cream on dessert table with pink roses

Brownies are another all time favorite when you want chocolate on a dessert table. They can be used alone as well. Just add some toppings, a little ice cream and whipped cream, some fudge or salted caramel to the mix and you have one amazing brownie bar.

brownies on silver tray

There are many other chocolate treats that can make a Valentine’s Day chocolate bar. We also added our favorite, Ferrero Rocher, to the table. It always makes a statement in its gold foil wrapping, and the kids adored the little chocolate hearts we picked up as well.

With just a few chocolate treats and some pretty flowers, it's fairly simple to create variety and delight in a chocolate bar.

Would you like to see recipes for anything I’ve mentioned? Drop a comment below to let me know which recipes you’d like to see here.

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