Home Coffee Bar and Recipe Ideas

Home Coffee Bar and Recipe Ideas

Fall is the perfect time to start pulling out those rich and creamy coffee recipes while adding a few updates to our home coffee bar.

After calculating my spending at Starbucks during the summer months, let's just say that my coffee bill was gaining on my water bill for a household of 11. So  upgrading my home coffee bar seemed like a better alternative.

Coffee Bar with cup of coffee topped with whipped cream

My coffee bar was in need of a serious refresh after a bit of neglect during the summer months. So I opted to go for a warmer fall feel with some accents that give an Italian vibe.

Fall Coffee Bar Italian Style

But for the coffee itself, my Ninja Hot/Cold Coffee Bar has been great for a full pot of coffee that can be adjusted to taste. It gives the option of rich, for a bolder taste, and classic if you don't like a stronger tasting coffee.

Spring Coffee Bar With Ninja Hot Cold Coffee Bar

The specialty setting is good for making lattes and cappuccinos, but I found them to be lesser in quality than my cup of Starbucks. This is likely because the coffee machine does not produce an espresso quality under the specialty setting. So when milk froth is added, it doesn't stand up as well.

I opted for the Breville espresso maker, not really knowing what I was getting myself into, but I'm quite pleased with the espresso produced. It makes an espresso that's highly comparable, if not better, than what I run to Starbucks to get.


I've been able to make some of my favorite coffee recipes that have turned out sooo good! You can grab those here.

I also added a Breville grinder that has fantastic bean grinding ability with beautiful adjustment features that will give me a grind fine enough for espresso while also enabling me to get the perfect grind for my French press as well.

So if you're thinking about upgrades to bring you quality coffee, I highly recommend the Breville espresso maker and grinder for versatility without compromising the quality of your coffee. Take a look at my Instagram video to see both machines up close and check out my Coffee Bar Picks to see more of my suggestions for building an amazing coffee bar.

Sure I'll still visit Starbucks, but I'm definitely thinking my Gold Membership may now be compromised. 

 What's your favorite coffee in fall?

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